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Trump, Covid-19, and the Rally ‘Round The Flag Phenomenon

As the number of confirmed Covid-19 cases goes up, so too does President Trump’s approval rating.  This is not a coincidence. As of today, the RealClearPolitics “poll of polls” has Trump’s approval at 47.3%, the highest since he took office, and just 2% below his 49.3% disapproval number.  That gap is the smallest it has […]

In Honor of Neustadt’s Centennial, We Celebrate Presidents Day

It is Presidents Day – when I traditionally post my column commemorating the late, great presidential scholar Richard E. Neustadt. This year seems a particularly appropriate time to do so, however, since we are in the centennial of Neustadt’s birth on June 26, 1919. I’ve been fortunate to participate in several events commemorating Neustadt during his […]

All The Way With Amy K!

At her campaign rallies, Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar often brags that she has won every race she has contested – as she puts it,  “Every race, every time, every place.”  Her electoral success, she often adds, began in 4th grade, where she won a race for student government using the slogan “All the way with […]

My Visit To Bernie World On The Eve of the New Hampshire Primary

In anticipation of tomorrow’s first-in-the-nation New Hampshire primary, I spent the weekend crisscrossing the western side of the state going up and down the Connecticut River valley, visiting candidate rallies and talking to voters.  Here’s what I found, beginning with two Bernie Sanders’ rallies in Hanover and Claremont. Polls suggest that Sanders has consolidated his […]

Bernie, Biden and Buttigieg, and Liz and Amy Too: Explaining the Iowa Results, Part I

With 96% of the popular vote counted, it appears that Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has won Iowa’s recently concluded caucuses, narrowly defeating South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg by about 2,500 votes, although they are nearly tied in state delegate equivalents.  But is Buttigieg who appears to have gained the most momentum heading into next Tuesday’s […]

Channeling My Psychic Energy From Last Night’s Debate: The Key Takeaways

Quick takeaways from last night’s debate while I channel my positive psychic energy in preparation for returning to the campaign trail this afternoon. Beware the instant pundit analyses that declares “winners” and “losers”.  First, as I noted yesterday, that’s not how most normal people view these events – if they view them at all.  (Tuesday’s […]