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Winter Term Internships: Deadlines extended to Oct. 21!

The Christian Science Monitor.

Green Chemistry Program.

Democracy for America.

Ah, you ask, what could these three things possibly have  in common?

They are all offering winter term internships for Middlebury students! (The Christian Science Monitor has also probably written about both the Green Chemistry Program and Democracy for America, but that’s beside the point).

So riddle me this: what do the New England Review, Roots for Health and Senator Patrick Leahy have in common?

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How To Fix the Senate: Leahy, Stafford and the Unwritten Constitution

As long-time readers know, Middlebury’s Commencement, which took place this past Sunday, is when I traditionally pen my “Ode to My Favorite Graduating Student.”  This graduation, however, Middlebury awarded one of its honorary degrees to Vermont’s senior Senator Patrick Leahy.  … Continue reading