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Do you want to utilize your Arabic or Russian language skills in your career? If you do, you should attend these two employer info sessions this week!

Torden is a New England-based professional services firm that provides foreign language solutions to the Federal Government – specifically, the Intelligence Community. Working as members of an integrated Government-Contractor team in support our nation’s National Security, Torden language professionals help protect against threats emanating from our Nation’s adversaries.

Torden language professionals must meet the Government language requirements, as well as be vetted for security clearances. The qualification process can be lengthy, but can also be accomplished while you are completing your degrees.

Torden’s requirements include Russian and Arabic language professionals to support National Level intelligence requirements from U.S.-based facilities. Their employees are a combination of native linguists and graduates from the nation’s top institutions for foreign languages. They will brief you on their current openings, the security process, and what life is like as a Torden professional.

Date: Wednesday, April 14

Time: 6pm-7pm EST

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Arab-American Business & Professional Association (ABPA) Institute is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing free professional development and internship opportunities to underrepresented groups, minorities, and Arab-American students across the US to boost their participation in civic services, federal agencies, Fortune500 companies, Think-Tanks, and Non-Profits.  

ABPA Institute’s Internship Placement Program (IPP) is an experiential learning program that empowers Arab-American students to integrate theoretical knowledge in their academic curriculum with practical application in a professional setting.  

The goal of ABPA Institute’s IPP is to foster Arab-American students’ professional skills and enable them to benefit from the vast opportunities across the United States.  

ABPA Institute’s IPP is a collaboration among ABPA Institute, a host employer, and the student. The role of ABPA Institute is to facilitate the way for young talents to their best career path within the public or private sector. ABPA Institute’s signature established a robust internship program that placed students within many top organizations including Bureau of Land Management of Dept. Interior, Dept. of State, Middle Eastern Institute, Gulf International Forum, US-UAE Business Council, Dept. Energy, and many more in the recent years.  

Moreover, ABPA Institute helps all Arab-American student applicants with the most critical mentorship services including:  
-Providing students one-on-one advising to prepare their internship application packages  
-Offering individually tailored mentoring services including: how to write a resume & cover letter for Federal internship positions and how to succeed in job interviews  
-Providing editing services such as: feedback on applicants’ cover letter, resume, and writing samples  
They offer paid/unpaid or academic credit, depending on ABPA Institute’s agreement with the host employer.  

Join. Connect. Grow. Arab-American Business and Professional Association (ABPA) is a Non-Profit organization. ABPA strives to promote networking and professional opportunities Arab-Americans, African Americans, Asians, Pacific Islanders and Native Americans, Hispanics, Veterans, and individuals with disabilities.

Date: Friday, April 16

Time: 12:00pm – 1:00 pm EST

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Lead for America: 2 yr. Paid Fellowships in Local Govt. – Deadline: 11/1/18

Lead for America

Lead for America recruits, trains, and places our nation’s most promising young leaders in two-year paid fellowships in local governments as a means of strengthening America’s public institutions, supporting our local communities, and cultivating a new generation of transformational public service leaders.

Over the course of the two years, LFA Fellows will gain a new perspective and appreciation for local government, understand the most pressing issues facing our communities, be equipped with tools to enact communal and systemic change, establish relationships with partner universities and organizations, and gain opportunities to engage with a growing alumni network of passionate leaders, who together will continue to serve as transformational public service leaders in communities across the nation.

A single visionary leader rooted in humility can change a community. Many working together can transform our country.

Apply for the first deadline by November 1st at 11:59 pm.

HOT Social Impact Opportunities Week of 10/29-11/6

Searching for a summer internship or job for after graduation? Check out these great opportunities posted in Handshake HERE. They include jobs & internships in the environment & renewable energy, not for profits/NGOs, sustainable food systems, international development, Govt. – state & local, and many more. Deadlines are fast approaching!

Career Conversation with Alex Alben P ’18

Thursday, April 26 at 12:30 in ADK Library

Alex Alben is Washington State’s first Chief Privacy Officer, an office created by the state legislature in March of 2015. He coordinates privacy and data policy for the state and consults with the Governor and Legislature on technology issues impacting citizen privacy.

As a technology executive, Alex helped launch ESPN.com and ABCNews.com, and served for six years in senior management at RealNetworks. At the outset of his career, Alben served as a researcher for CBS News covering the 1980 Presidential campaign and went on to work for Mike Wallace at CBS Reports. In the 1990’s, Alben worked as an entertainment lawyer for Orion Pictures and Warner Bros. He was a candidate for the U.S. Congress from Washington State’s 8th Congressional District in 2004.

Alex Alben and John Kerry 2004 campaign

A graduate of Stanford University and Stanford Law School, Alben writes for The Seattle Times and other publications on the intersection of media, technology and politics. He is the author of Analog Days—How Technology Rewrote Our Future.

As one of only five Chief Privacy Officers in the country, Alex has initiated state-wide programs for enhanced privacy training, consumer education and “Privacy Modeling.” In March of 2017, Gov Tech Magazine named him one of the country’s top “Doers, Dreamers and Drivers” in state government.

Join us in the ADK Library for a small group career conversation. He’s available to talk to students about digital privacy, net neutrality, and exciting opportunities for both tech and non-tech students interested in careers in tech fields!

NOAA Summer 2018 Internships

CCI will be posting this week in Handshake the new NOAA application for any of the dozen or so conservation internships that you can apply to via this link through the National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science. These opportunities are for NOAA’s College-Funded Internship Program which provides undergraduate students summer internship experience in science, policy, and science communication. Middlebury is a partner school and to participate you must apply through Handshake.  There will be up to 5 funded opportunities through Middlebury’s CCI funding process. Keep checking on Handshake throughout the later part of this week. Use keyword “NOAA 2018 Summer Internship” to directly find the instructions about the application process.

Here are a few of the internships to whet your appetite!

Restoring Habitat via community leadership and support (in Hawaii)

Habitat Mapping GIS Project in the Gulf of Mexico (in Mississippi)

LPW Chinook salmon research (in Alaska)

Office of National Marine Sanctuaries Economic Intern (in Maryland)

Climate and Anthropogenic Impacts on Critical Reserve Habitats: The Chesapeake Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve Sentinel Site Program, Virginia (in VA)

Using GoPro cameras to document finfish habitat services provided by oyster aquaculture gear (in CT)

The deadline for applications on Handshake will be COB February 14 – but don’t wait to apply!

Mass Green Careers Conference

Massachusetts Green Careers Conference: Clean Energy & Environmental Sustainability

Careers. Clean Energy. Sustainability.

Delve into clean energy, sustainability, and career development for a day. Enjoy cross-sector dialogues with stakeholders from government, business, education, and nonprofits, and career-ready candidates. REGISTER EARLY to reserve a place! Mass Wildlife will provide conference space in their new, nature-friendly, LEED platinum headquarters this year. Parking and seating are limited to ~100. Food and beverage will be local and/or organic.

Thursday, October 5, 2017 at 8:30 AM in Westborough, MA


  • Connect with stakeholders from business, education, government and nonprofits, green-career-ready candidates, and learners – all in one place.
  • Engage in cross-sector dialogues
  • Learn about current employment trends, best practices, opportunities
  • Take home ideas, connections, resources


  • Everyone interested in clean energy and environmental sustainability
  • Green-career-ready candidates
  • Education/Training:  career services professionals, workforce development, staff, faculty, students
  • Business:  owners, representatives
  • Government:  state, local officials
  • Nonprofits:  administrators, members
  • Diversity encouraged:  race, age, gender, economics

Public Leadership Education Network (PLEN)

“For five days with PLEN, I got to really experience and learn what life and careers in Washington, D.C. are at their best and at their worst. Each panel I attended was interesting, eye opening, and life changing.”  -Sivan Nizan, PLEN Alumna

For almost 40 years, the Public Leadership Education Network (PLEN) has brought thousands of women from across the country to Washington, D.C. to explore careers in policy and connect with women leaders. PLEN seminars enhance class work and curriculum by giving students valuable access to women leaders in Washington, D.C. from the legislative, executive, and judicial branches; agencies; nonprofit organizations; and the private sector.  Our programs give students the chance to discuss current policy issues in law, business, nonprofits, STEM, Congress, and the international field; visit institutions and organizations in D.C.; and launch their careers through intimate coaching sessions on networking, resume writing, and salary negotiation. During all seminars, students network with distinguished women at the top of their fields while building connections with their peers from across the country.


Join PLEN in Washington D.C. for our six annual seminars:

  • Women, Law and Legal Advocacy, October 19-21, 2017
  • Women in Corporate and Nonprofit Leadership, November 2-4, 2017
  • Women in STEM Policy, January 2-9, 2018
  • Women in Public Policy, January 9-13, 2018
  • Women and Congress, March 12-16, 2018
  • Women in Global Policy, May 14-18, 2018

Scholarships for PLEN seminars are available and accepted on a rolling basis. To learn more, go to http://plen.org/scholarships. For more information on PLEN seminars, visit http://plen.org/seminars.