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Welcome to the Age of Humans

Dr. Curt Stager visited Middlebury to talk about a new, long-term view of climate change. His book, Deep Future, examines the surprising shifts—and choices—we face in a human-driven era scientists are calling “the Anthropocene”: the Age of Humans.

ClimateWire and EnergyWire {two new trials}

Through April 5th, Middlebury College has access to two new publications about environmental and energy policy: ClimateWire and EnergyWire, both by Environment & Energy Publishing (E&E).

Solar panels from Self Reliance

Middlebury currently provides access to the following E&E publications:

Environment & Energy Daily, E&E Daily (A daily news service focused on environmental and energy issues in Congress)
Greenwire (Daily stories energy and environmental policy)
Land Letter (A weekly natural resources report)
E&ENews PM (A late afternoon roundup providing coverage of policy news around the country and the world)
E&ETV (Featuring in-depth interviews and analysis with energy and environmental policy leaders)

All of these publications are available through E&E’s website,  and on our New & Trial Resources page (go/trials).

Please send comments to Rebekah Irwin (rirwin@middlebury.edu) or your library liaison.

Student disrupts U.N. climate proceedings with impassioned speech

Middlebury junior Abigail Borah made a big impression at the U.N. climate talks in Durban, South Africa this week. Borah, who is attending the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) as a delegate of SustainUS, interrupted the proceedings with an impassioned plea to speed up the urgency and timetable for serious climate action by the United States. The incident has been widely reported, including a piece on the New York Times “Green” blog and an AP story that appeared on NPR and other news outlets. From SustainUS, here is a clip of Borah’s talk before being ejected from the conference:


Photo: www.SustainUs.org