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Classroom A/V upgrades: AXT 201, FIC Freeman 1, FIC Cook 1, Gifford Classroom, MBH (several)

In December 2013 LIS upgraded the audio/video equipment in many classrooms on-campus:

  • AXT 201
  • FIC FR1
  • FIC CK1
  • BIH 104
  • BIH 117
  • BIH 161
  • BIH 317
  • BIH 505
  • BIH 632

Here is what has changed:
- installed a new, brighter, high definition projector
- added a new type of connection (HDMI) but kept the existing video connections
- replaced the DVD player with a Blu-ray player that can play DVDs as well as Blu-ray discs
- removed the VCR (3 loaner VCRs are available at the Davis Family Library and 1 will be available at Armstrong soon; VCRs can be plugged into the auxiliary video input at the rack)
- replaced the aging touch panel with a slightly larger one that we’ve found is easier to use (very similar to the touch panels in many other classrooms)

We’d be happy to schedule an orientation session – just contact us at helpdesk@middlebury.edu. You can also watch a video on how to use the new equipment.

In 2014 we plan to upgrade the equipment in several other classrooms:

February recess:
CHT 109
MCA 221

March recess:
SDL 203

May/June recess:
MNR 214
MNR 314
MNR 401
MNR 407

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New Smart Classrooms in MBH plus a Smartboard

During J-term and February we built three new smart classrooms in McCardell Bicentennial Hall:
- MBH309
- MBH405
- MBH467

Rooms 309 and 405 have the regular assortment of technology (projector, 60×80 screen, laptop projection input, a multistandard DVD/VHS combo and a standard sound system).

By the way, the documentation for using these spaces is also online.

Room 467 has a similar setup as 309 and 405, however it also features a Hitachi short-throw projector and a Hitachi smart board. This semester, the Biology department is making use of the smart board. Hitachi has provided a nice tutorial for the smart board and we’ve put together a basic guide for using this classroom. I’ve also updated this post with two videos for the smartboard in use in 467. See the bottom of the post for the videos.

The new smart classrooms will also benefit the language schools, since we’ve equipped them with multistandard VHS and DVD players.

Kudos go to the Media Services crew – we designed and programmed the system on our own and Facilities Services assisted with the installation. We’ve had no support requests for 309 and 405 spaces, which attests to the quality of the design and programming of the system (the one adjustment we do need to make is provide a longer VGA cable). We also worked with the faculty that use the smart board in 467. I should note that the faculty were able to come up with some good modifications to our basic guide (it involved a digital tablet). The space offers lots of possibilities and needs some adjustments due to the HVAC vibrations but overall the projection is functional.

Next week I’ll post about the upgrade to the technology in Dana and the Old Chapel Boardroom. I promise to have pictures, too!

Here are the smartboard videos (show and tell from Hitachi).
Starboard part 1

Starboard part 2