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Polycom software issue resolved

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Dear colleagues,

An update to last Wednesday’s issues with the Polycom software.

We have resolved the issue with the Polycom software and it is now fully operational. You can continue to use it with your Middlebury/Monterey network accounts, as you did before the outage last Wednesday.

The issue was caused by a faulty Microsoft update that was automatically applied to some of our servers.


Polycom desktop software issue

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Dear colleagues,

If you do not use Polycom software you may disregard this message.

We are experiencing an issue with the Polycom desktop software. It is currently not allowing network users to sign in. Polycom systems in classrooms and meeting rooms are unaffected.

We can create a temporary Polycom-only account as a workaround. Please contact me if you would like to use the workaround.

We apologize for the issue and we will send an update as soon as it is resolved.


Petar Mitrevski | Media & Tech Services Manager | 802-443-2833 (o) | 802-377-2653 (m) |

June 16th downtime – Videoconferencing bridge & software

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Dear Colleagues,

Due to the installation of a new firewall, the videoconferencing bridge and polycom software will be unavailable on June 16th, from 9:00am EST – 5:00pm EST. If you need access to videoconferencing software or bridging capability on June 16th from 9am to 5pm please contact me and I can provide you with an alternative.

In addition, any calls between videoconferencing rooms will need to be done using the backup addresses in the address book of each system. Please contact me if you have a video conference planned on June 16th.

We will follow up immediately after completing testing, and no later than 5:00pm on June 16th, to notify you that the software and the bridge are available.

The firewall is essential to better protect our videoconferencing equipment that is being used more extensively than ever before. We chose this date by looking at the schedule of videoconferences and the overall schedule of summer programs.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Polycom software downtime this Sunday

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The polycom videoconferencing software will be unavailable this Sunday from 9am to noon while we apply a configuration change to resolve intermittent disconnects.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Classroom A/V upgrades: AXT 201, FIC Freeman 1, FIC Cook 1, Gifford Classroom, MBH (several)

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In December 2013 LIS upgraded the audio/video equipment in many classrooms on-campus:

  • AXT 201
  • FIC FR1
  • FIC CK1
  • BIH 104
  • BIH 117
  • BIH 161
  • BIH 317
  • BIH 505
  • BIH 632

Here is what has changed:
- installed a new, brighter, high definition projector
- added a new type of connection (HDMI) but kept the existing video connections
- replaced the DVD player with a Blu-ray player that can play DVDs as well as Blu-ray discs
- removed the VCR (3 loaner VCRs are available at the Davis Family Library and 1 will be available at Armstrong soon; VCRs can be plugged into the auxiliary video input at the rack)
- replaced the aging touch panel with a slightly larger one that we’ve found is easier to use (very similar to the touch panels in many other classrooms)

We’d be happy to schedule an orientation session – just contact us at You can also watch a video on how to use the new equipment.

In 2014 we plan to upgrade the equipment in several other classrooms:

February recess:
CHT 109
MCA 221

March recess:
SDL 203

May/June recess:
MNR 214
MNR 314
MNR 401
MNR 407

New hire in Media Services – David Wright

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I am happy to announce that David Wright has joined Media Services as a full-time Media Services Specialist II. David has worked for us since April as a temp, assisting with event support, recordings, videoconferences, web help desk and more. He comes with a great deal of A/V experience which he gained from Full Sail University and while working in NYC for three years as an Audio Engineer. He also worked with the local Hilton and Basin Harbor Club on event setups, including audio and video. David DJs in his free time.

Welcome David Wright

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Please welcome David Wright to LIS. David will be joining LIS as a Media Services Temp, working with us from 4/30/13 to 7/22/13.
David comes with a good deal of audio recording experience which he gained from Full Sail University, and while working in NYC for three years as an Audio Engineer. He also worked with the Hilton and the Basin Harbor Club on event setups, including audio and video. David DJs in his free time.

David will start off with a desk behind Circulation and move into LIB202A soon.