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Join the Global Impact Career Popup

Global Impact Career Popup–WHAT???

This will be a live event on June 21 from 7 am to 1pm US EST gathering some of the world’s most talented organizations and professionals hiring and supporting a wide-variety of changemakers advancing careers of impact. We are combining our collective experience, reach, and creativity in a highly interactive & engaging online event with hundreds, if not thousands, of professionals and students seeking to combine purpose and their career.

Attend highly interactive workshops, meetups, connect with employers and walk away with new ideas, connections and strategies for all things careers of impact and change.

Do Good + Do Well. To register for the event make a donation to an organization working on covid relief in India, Colombia or other locations. Choose the amount you want to give as well as the organization (or select one we recommend & trust). This is a pro-bono event conducted with love by the co-creators. 


·         20 + interactive breakout sessions on all things careers of impact including: building a high-impact resume, understanding the hiring process, how to switch to the social impact sector as a mid-career professional, to grad or not grad, landing social impact fellowships, sessions on building careers in specific sectors and more

·         Meetup and networking sessions

·         Chance to meet with key employers and organizations in the impact space


·         Learn from some of the world’s leading impact professionals/organizations including Ashoka, PCDN. Global, Arthan, Moving Worlds, Matteria, and many more. 

·         Network with employers and peers from around the world

·         Support Covid Relief in India and Colombia & beyond

·         Learn about the key trends and opportunities in social change and social impact careers

·         Develop improved materials and strategies to improve your job search

·         Receive tons of resources to help you in the next stage of your career

Learn how we can get to zero carbon mobility with Kelly Blynn ’07 in the latest MIDDVantage Episode

Thanks to Julia Ulsh ’24 for interviewing Kelly Blynn ’07! Watch the latest MIDDVantage: Exploring Careers in the Green Economy episode: Getting to Zero Carbon Mobility

Keep an eye out every week for new episodes in this series. This is a collaborative series developed by the Center for Careers and Internships and Middlebury in DC, in collaboration with the Climate Action Capacity Project, and the Office of Sustainability Integration.

First-Years & Sophomores: Need Help Thinking About Planning Your Next Semester?

As Fall registration approaches, this workshop is timed perfectly to allow you to create a vision for how you want to spend Fall 2021. Gathering your thoughts, ideas and aspirations to create a vision for the upcoming semester. Think about what courses you want to take, activities you want to be involved in, or research you might do. What fun things do you want to do? What goals do you have for the semester? Prompts like these will help you design a vision board for the upcoming semester.

This program is designed for First Years and Sophomore Febs, but all students are welcome. This program is co-sponsored by Blueprint and the Center for Careers and Internships.

Women & Public Policy Summer Internship

The Public Leadership Education Network (PLEN) is the place to be if you’re a college woman interested in a career in public policy. PLEN is unique: Nowhere else can students learn how Washington, D.C. really works from a faculty comprised exclusively of women leaders who make and influence public policy every day. These women are [...]

Most Climate-Responsible Companies Revealed; Scores up 54% in 4 Years

For those of you thinking about graduation and where you want to work, here’s an interesting index just released by Climate Counts 2011 of the top firms and how sustainable they are. The most climate-responsible companies are revealed with scores up 54% in 4 years. Check them out and think about the criteria as you [...]

Welcome Back from Break! Let’s Talk About a Career/Experience with Impact

Now that we’re both back on campus, let’s get started in thinking about how you can translate your interests and passions  into a career with an impact! There are lots of opportunities while here at Middlebury to explore social change both inside and outside the classroom.  For instance, the newly formed Center for Education in [...]