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O’Rourke 2011 Newspaper Bill

SGA SENATE 2011-01-16
O’Rourke 2011 Newspaper Bill
30 more NY times

Whereas, the SGA is an organization devoted to helping the students of Middlebury College

Whereas, there is an easily met student demand for more NY times in the dining halls

Let it be Enacted

That the SGA shall appropriate $1,125 dollars for 30 more copies of the NY times to be delivered each day.

That 15 shall go to Ross and 15 shall go to Proctor  

That baring any strong lack of interest this increase shall be made permanent.

That any such reduction shall be made by the director of internal affairs with the advice and consent of the Senate

Respectfully Submitted,

Riley O’Rourke
SGA President

Sunday, January 16, 2011:
Originally proposed.