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Shredding Documents

Keeping information safe is legislated by regulation like the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Sarbanes-Oxley, Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA), Vermont’s Protection of Personal Information Law and others. Destruction of this data when no longer needed is equally important. The purchasing page gives you information on Middlebury’s own recycling center and how it can help you as well as the Green Mountain Higher Education Consortium contract with SecurShred, a Burlington based company.

New Employee Discounts Available

Middlebury employees can receive discounts from many local and national companies. Check it out at (you’ll have to log in). You’ll find discounts for cell phone contracts like Verizon, hotels like the Bell House B&B, restaurants like Fire and Ice and our two newest additions: 18% off retail price at Wendell’s furniture and Vermont Bed Store and 25% off the cover price of the New England Review.

Savings through our Preferred Office Supply Vendor

Thanks to the Green Mountain Higher Education Consortium contract with W.B. Mason and its lower prices, Middlebury saved $22,000 on office supplies in 2016.  Now, W.B. Mason is making it even easier for us to save with a new program called “Swap and Save”.

When you select a product that has a cheaper equivalent, this is what happens:

  • You find a product you want and click on “Add to Cart” to buy this product
  • When there is a cheaper alternative, a new screen will pop up showing you which product you selected and the cheaper alternative
  • You then have the choice either to “Order Original Item” or to “Order this Instead” (the latter would put the cheaper product into your shopping cart).

W.B. Mason identified 346 products for us on which we can save. In addition, we added 33 products to our preferred items list that are per quantity cheaper than what is currently purchased (but sometimes you really just need one pen, not a dozen, so it’s still cheaper to buy just that one pen).

Remember that all office supplies are supposed to be ordered via W.B. Mason, the more we order through them, the more we save. If you do not have an account yet, contact Nicole Corriveau to be set up. More information is here at

Vendor Demonstrations for Administrative Information Systems

All are invited to attend vendor demonstrations to help us compare the current administrative systems we use for financial management, payroll and human resource management, student services, and advancement against other software.

Overview sessions that are of interest to everybody are outlined below. There are many more sessions that you are welcome to attend. For the complete calendar and agendas visit the Green Mountain Higher Education Consortium’s website.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the demonstrations and to receiving your feedback via surveys.

Please address any questions to Corinna Noelke, the Consortium’s executive director, or visit the Consortium’s website.

Overview Sessions:

Date Time (EST) Vendor Middlebury Room MIIS Room Live at
10/31 8:30-9:45 ERP: Campus Management Library 105A&B Casa Fuentes 330 Middlebury
11/2 8:30-9:15 ERP: Unit4 Library 145 Casa Fuentes 330 Champlain
11/7 8:30-9:45 ERP: Workday Library 145 Casa Fuentes 330 Champlain
11/9 8:30-9:45 ERP: Oracle Library 105B Casa Fuentes 330 St. Mike’s

Figure Skating Lessons for College and Community Children

carnivaliceshowThe Middlebury College Figure Skating Club is a non-competitive figure skating program open to children of all ages and abilities in the local community. It runs from October through February. Practices are at Middlebury College’s Kenyon Arena. They culminate in all groups participating in Middlebury College’s Winter Carnival Ice Show.

2016 Important Dates:

  • October 5: Registration opens
  • October 16: First sessions
  • February 18: First IceShow
  • February 19: Second IceShow

Must turn 5 by December 31.

Registration through the box office. Please also visit the Club’s website to find the required registration and waiver forms as well as a schedule for the lessons.

Registration fees:
Beginners: $150 (1 lesson/week for 16 weeks)
Intermediate: $190 (2 lessons/week for 16 weeks)
Advanced: $230 (2 lessons/week for 16 weeks)

Intermediate and Advanced Skaters will have the opportunity to join the Theatergroup in January (at no extra cost) and Advanced Skaters will be supported in their solo numbers (if they wish to perform solos).

Families will have costume expenses.

Parents are asked to volunteer at times to help out.

Going to Middlebury or Monterey? We have hotel rates for you!

travelMiddlebury has negotiated rates with local hotels in Monterey and Middlebury. When booking business travel to either location, please refer to the purchasing website which has information on the current rates. At Monterey, please stay at these hotels only as the rates are based on volume. You can also see information on car rentals on the same page. You have to log into the page using your email address. For further information contact Corinna Noelke, x2304.