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Video Conferencing Technology Added to Library 131

A Logitech Meetup video conferencing device has been added to Library 131. This device connects to a laptop via USB and will allow for remote participation in this meeting room. For instructions on using the technology in Library 131, see here. For instructions on Zoom for video conferencing, visit and to start using Zoom!

ISSUE – Slow connection to Zoom web services and issues connecting to Zoom meetings

We are experiencing an issue with Zoom video conferencing.  According to Zoom, “customers are experiencing slow connection to Zoom web services and issues connecting to Zoom meetings.” Zoom is working to resolve the issue. We do not currently have an estimated repair time but will provide an update as soon as we know more.

We apologize for this disruption. Thank you for your patience.

Please submit a ticket with any questions or concerns.

Library 105 Technology Upgrades

Library 105 underwent a technology upgrade over the holiday recess — both the video conferencing and control systems were upgraded.  The new system retains all pre-existing functionality but now has a simplified design and auto-tracking cameras in both the front and rear of the room.  The auto-tracking works based on a combination of beam forming microphones and facial recognition technology.  For more information on Cisco SX80 video endpoints and presenter tracking technology, please visit Cisco’s site.

The room is easy to use for both local presentations and video conferencing meetings.  Quick-start instructions for common use cases will be posted on the wall near the telephone.  If you have questions about the room, please submit a Helpdesk ticket at or contact the Helpdesk @ ext. 2200 or


Issue — RESOLVED Zoom Meetings Disconnecting

Update from Zoom, posted 11/26/18, 12:42p:

“All meetings since the original isolated meeting issues have operated as expected, and services moving forward should be operational. We will continue to monitor the situation to confirm service reliability.”


Initial issue, posted 11/26/18, 12:08p:

We are experiencing an issue with Zoom video conferencing, which means a small number of meetings are disconnecting and some users are receiving an error message when trying to join a meeting. Zoom is working diligently to resolve the issue. We do not currently have an estimated repair time, although Zoom has identified the root cause and is working on a solution.  We will provide an update as soon as we know more.

We apologize for this disruption. Thank you for your patience.

Please submit a ticket with any questions or concerns.

Zoom at Middlebury

As of July, Middlebury has been using Zoom as its primary video and web conferencing platform for one full year.  Zoom is being used for both large and small meetings as well as classes and webinars.  The response has been overwhelmingly positive and the usage metrics reinforce the positive response.

June Meeting Statistics

June Meeting Locations

Did you know?

  • Only the host of a Zoom meeting needs an account, and anyone from anywhere in the world can join.
  • Up to 100 video or audio participants can join a standard Zoom meeting.
    • By request, Middlebury has large meeting licenses available for up to 200 attendees and webinar licenses which can accommodate up to 500!
  • Zoom can be used as a telephone-only conferencing bridge, replacing existing Verizon conference lines.
  • H.323 / SIP video conferencing endpoints (Polycom, Cisco, Tandberg) can connect to Zoom meetings.

All faculty, staff and students with an address have access to Zoom.  For more information on Zoom, please visit go/zoominfo, or, to sign-in and start using Zoom, visit go/zoom.  Questions about Zoom?  Please submit a Web Help Desk ticket.

Zoom Video Conferencing Update

As of July 1st, 2017, all faculty, staff, and students across the Middlebury Institution now have full access to Zoom.  

For more information or to begin using Zoom, please visit our new Zoom landing page:, and sign in with your Middlebury credentials. 

Please email if there are any further questions.

Zoom Workshops and Online Tutorials!

Hi All,

Media services will be offering Zoom workshops in Library 145 from 2-3pm on March 1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd.  We will be covering functionality, best practices and offering demonstrations.  If you’re curious about Zoom, please sign up!  Click here for the sign up sheet.  The workshops will be geared towards people in the Library 145 room but will also be open to remote participants.  The Zoom meeting URL is in the sign up sheet.

If you’d like to begin your Zoom tutelage in advance of the meeting, you can check out some of Zoom’s video tutorials here.

For more information on the Zoom project, click here.

For general questions or to request an account, send an email to  We currently have 150 host accounts which are being handed out on a first-come, first-served basis.