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End of Library and Information Technology Services Blog at this URL

As mentioned in a previous post the library will cease using as its blog platform and instead post all news and library related information at or go/librarynews/.

Information Technology Services news is now available at

Thank you, Leanne Galletly (Library Web UX Team), please reach out with questions or concerns about Library news.

Please contact Ian McBride ( regarding any questions about ITS news.

Future of the Library Blog

Dear Reader, 

The library blog is moving to a new platform in early January. This means that all future posts from the library will now come from a different URL, though posts will still appear on the library homepage. If you subscribe to an RSS feed of the library blog, or use a bookmark to access the blog, please note the change by updating with the new URL: We will post again when the switch to the new URL has been made.

The old URL ( will continue to be used by ITS until further notice.

Thank you, Leanne Galletly (Library Web UX Team), please reach out with questions or concerns

Summer Reading Display Results!

Thanks to all who shared their favorite Summer Reading Displaybooks from this summer! We had an interactive display in the atrium last week to learn what the Middlebury community read while they were away for the summer.

The display may be over, but you can still view the list of titles (below) and how to access them on campus! We will also add some titles that weren’t already in our collection.

Thanks for participating! Comment below if your favorite book hasn’t made the list.

List of Titles from Summer Reading Display:

You Asked, We Listened

Photo of the 'You asked, we listened' billboard in the Davis Family Library Atrium

The Library Space Committee has created a billboard display in the atrium to showcase how student input impacts space decisions made here at the library.

Background: The Library Space Committee collected student feedback about the library, as part of a 2016 lobby survey and a media carrel area survey. With this information the Library Space Committee made or influenced changes to the library, including the creation of “The Nook” and the Unplug & Recharge Room. Also highlighted on the billboard display were other smaller changes that were made or supported by the team including: a new water bottle fountain, more plants, puzzle table, acquiring student art, better designated quiet areas, bean bag chairs, opening more carrels on the main level (by moving or removing equipment), and a self-schedule service for study rooms.Filled out survey, from Fall 2017 Library Space Survey

Last week the Space Committee concluded a three week seating survey.  The results will help the Committee to learn more about students seating habits and what improvements can be made to library spaces.

Finding Sources at Middlebury Libraries

The library has millions of resources, but how do you start to find the exact title you’re looking for? The answer isn’t one size fits all. Check out the top ways to find sources below:

Finding sources at the library infographic

Research Guides

Librarian approved! These guides highlight relevant resources and databases on specific subjects and are a great place to start your research. go/guides/


Library search engine, results will show everything  the library has access to. Use the filters on the left side to narrow your results down to a manageable amount. go/summon/


The traditional online library catalog, MIDCAT is a great tool when you know a specific feature of what you’re looking for like the author’s name, title, or subject of the work. go/midcat/

Interlibrary Loan

Fear not! If Middlebury doesn’t have the resource you want, you can still have it (though it might take a little longer than pulling a book off the shelves) Submit an ILL request for anything we’ll get a copy for you! go/ill/

Still Not Sure?

Meet a librarian at the Research Desk or schedule a consultation, no question is too small. go/AskUs/