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2013 Staff Recognition Awards Ceremony

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Dear Colleagues,  

I write to invite you to a reception in honor of the 2013 Staff Recognition Award winners on Wednesday, October 30 at 12:15 p.m. in McCullough’s Crossroads Café/the Juice Bar. 

This year’s award winners are: 

Peggy Burns,  Director of Internships – Center for Careers and Internships

 Nancy Parsons, Catering & Convenience Food Coordinator – Retail Food Operations

 Tom Sheluga, Laboratory Stores Manager – Sciences Tech Support Services

 Mary Carr Stanley, Space Manager – Facilities Services

The award recipients were selected by the 2012 award winners, from nominations submitted by members of the faculty and staff, on the basis of their contributions to the College community, and their leadership, stewardship, and community service during their years at Middlebury College.  These awards have been endowed by Rudolf K. Haerle, Jr., Professor Emeritus of Sociology, as a way of recognizing the many members of the Middlebury College staff who contribute to the vitality of the College community and support the College’s academic mission.

I hope you are able to join us.



2013 Staff Recognition Award Nominations

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Nominations for the 2013 Staff Recognition Awards are now open. These awards have been endowed through the generosity of Rudolf K. Haerle, Jr., Professor Emeritus of Sociology, who wished through his gift to recognize the importance of staff to the Middlebury College Community.

Four awards are presented each year – one to a staff member in Dining Services, one to a staff member in Facilities Services, and two to staff members in all other areas of the College. Each winner will receive a cash prize of $200, and their names will be engraved on a plaque that hangs in the Grille.

Nominations for these awards may be submitted by completing the nomination form and sending it as a Word document to the Vice President for Finance and Treasurer mailbox at, or mailing to Old Chapel 102. The deadline for nominations is Monday, June 24, 2013has been extended to Monday, August 26, 2013.

The winners will be chosen by a selection committee consisting of the recipients of the 2012 awards: Cindy Leno (Team Leader, Custodial- Facilities Services ); Diane Munroe (Coordinator, Community Based Environmental Studies – Environmental Studies); Brent Simons (Ross Commons Dining Manager – Dining Services); and Arlinda Ardister Wickland (Director, Student Fellowships & Health Professions Advising – Education in Action).



Managers/Supervisors: Please post in a common are for those who do not have access to email.

2012 Staff Recognition Award Winners

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I am most pleased to announce that a committee of staff members has selected the following winners of this year’s Staff Recognition Awards:

  • Cindy Leno, Custodial, Facilities Services
  • Diane Munroe, Coordinator for Community Based Environmental Studies, Environmental Studies
  • Brent Simons, Ross Commons Dining Manager, Dining Services
  • Arlinda Wickland, Director, Student Fellowships & Health Professions Advising, Education in Action

President Liebowitz will host a College-wide reception in honor of this year’s winners on a date soon to be announced.

— Patrick Norton