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Critical Changes to Campus Event Planning

There are many changes to our campus environment this fall, both physical and procedural. The occupancy capacity of all schedulable space has been significantly reduced to allow for 6’ physical distancing. In some spaces furnishings have been removed or modified to achieve this. The College’s Return to Campus Guide outlines new policy directives adopted to maintain a safe and healthy campus. The Department of Event Management has adapted our procedures to support these directives.

Virtual events will be the norm. To the fullest extent possible, meetings and events should occur through a virtual format. Virtual events that are open to the campus community and publicized on the campus Calendar of Events must be submitted via the Event Reservation Request Form so that Event Management can continue to advise on potential content conflicts. In our new virtual environment we must also be aware of limitations on our technical capacity to host large virtual events simultaneously.

Requests for in-person events in Phase 2 will be reviewed by a COVID-19 Event Review Team. Please understand that the availability of physical space and resources to safely support in-person events is extremely limited. In-person events will be few. Virtual events will be encouraged throughout all phases of reopening.

Event Hosts for in-person events will have new responsibilities. These apply to both indoor and outdoor events.

Event Host responsibilities include:

  • Ensuring all attendees wear face coverings
  • Taking attendance for contact tracing (via Presence for student events)
  • Cleaning: Disinfectant will be provided to event coordinators to disinfect high-touch surfaces as necessary throughout the event
  • Compliance w/mandated gathering size per Phase
  • Compliance w/COVID-19 Safety Max Occupancy (per location as noted in 25Live Pro)
  • Prohibiting non-College visitors including guests, speakers, presenters, etc.

Event Hosts and/or attendees found not in compliance with Return to Campus guidelines will be subject to the COVID-19 Conduct Policy & Disciplinary Process.

Please visit Event Management’s COVID-19 Impact On Events web site for additional details on these topics, as well as important information on:

  • Catering availability
  • Tents on campus
  • Cleaning standards
  • Prohibiting visitors