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Improve your department’s sustainability!

This fall, the Sustainability Solutions Lab in the Office of Sustainability Integration is piloting a new program, the Sustainability Consultancy, aimed at helping departments establish and meet sustainability goals. Departments that choose to participate will be paired with a trained student who will work with staff and/or faculty throughout the semester to assess current needs, create a plan for improving sustainability and help you meet your goals! This program seeks to address goals associated with Energy2028, as well as focuses on issues of environmental justice and equity. Click here for more info!

NEW Ways to Advertise in Dining Halls

Individual napkin holders on every table are on their way out…and being replaced by 5 large napkin dispensers in each dining hall. For any napkin holder reservations scheduled for Oct. 25th or later, please print 15 single-sided posters 5.5 inches wide by 10.5 inches tall. Questions/reservations at


Apply for an Environmental Council grant!

There are two types of grants available:
·      You may apply for a grant for up to $1,500 at any time. These projects typically take place during a single semester or summer.
·      Larger grants of up to $5,000 will be awarded for collaborative projects, and may take up to two years. The next deadline is:
        –February 29
go/ecgrants​ for more information and to apply. Prospective applicants are welcome to make an appointment to discuss their application any time by calling 443-2536 or emailing