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The DIRT for October 29 – November 2, 2018

Welcome Fall 2018 DLINQ Interns

This week will feature two DLINQ Interns at the College, Jack Brisson and Sarah Edwards. Learn more about our student engagement program. JACK BRISSON Jack Brisson is a DLINQ Intern pursuing a degree in Comparative Literature at the College. He has experience working with web design and editing software at a television station in his home town. He enjoys learning new ways to create and improve media. He also enjoys fencing, writing and film-making.   SARAH EDWARDS  Sarah Edwards is a DLINQ Intern pursuing a degree in Geography or Environmental Studies at the College. She is an international student from the UK and is also interested in Gender Studies. She enjoys photography and creating short films, and is interested in improving her own video and photo editing capabilities while helping others.

Classroom Response Systems & Poll Everywhere—Blog Post by Shel Sax

Written by Evelyn Helminen
Photo by Jeffrey Hamilton on Unsplash DLINQ staff member, Shel Sax, recently wrote a blog post about Classroom Response Systems & Poll Everywhere. He says, “A growing number of faculty at the undergraduate college are using ‘clickers’ or classroom response systems in their classes to promote engagement and interactivity. Instructors in disciplines as diverse as Religion, Economics, Biology and Physics are using clickers in their classes.” In the post, he talks about advantages of using a classroom response system, and lists some common polling strategies, specifically using an online tool called Poll Everywhere. There is a free and paid version of the tool; Middlebury has a limited number of paid licenses available. Please contact to express interest in getting access to a license. To learn more about Poll Everywhere and how you might use it in your classes, please schedule a consultation with Shel Sax. You can find him in the Digital Pedagogy & Instructional Tools category.

Thank you Evelyn!

It’s been said that all new beginnings start with an ending. So, it is with bittersweet gratitude and appreciation that the DLINQ team is sending off our friend and colleague, Evelyn Helminen, for new professional adventures. As we say goodbye to Evelyn, we will also be celebrating her five years of service at Middlebury in the roles of Co-Manager of web and social Media and subsequently as Assistant Director of digital initiatives based in the Digital Learning Commons (DLC) at the Institute in Monterey. Evelyn has been instrumental during this time and during DLINQ’s start up year in building out our office’s dynamic web presence, collaboratively managing and publishing our weekly blog updates called “the DIRT“, exploring and strengthening our office’s digital team-building practices to promote belonging, serving as a project lead for Middlebury’s Domain of One’s Own Initiative called MiddCreate, piloting a peer-coaching Mastermind project, being available to take appointments with Middlebury faculty, staff and students here in Monterey and remotely via Zoom, leading an array of workshops on digital concepts and tools, convening a weekly writing group and an annual MIIS NaNoWriMo authors group in Monterey, supervising and mentoring stellar graduate assistants based in the DLC, blogging, photoshopping, video editing, meming, slacking, troubleshooting, navigating organizational change and most importantly doing all of the above with skill, heart, a critical eye and a healthy sense of humor. Thank you Evelyn from all of us in DLINQ. We wish you all the best in your new beginnings!
Featured Image by rawpixel on Unsplash