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The Library is Purchasing Print Books Again!

We’re happy to report that with restoration of its budget for print books, the library is once again able to purchase them. Not only was the library’s capital request for FY22 granted, but additional funds have been provided to help acquire some of the books we weren’t able to purchase last year. Since these are capital funds and print books are the only thing we can purchase with capital funds, we can’t use them for anything else. You have current needs, and we have holes in the collection from last year’s inability to purchase anything, so…please place your requests!

Can’t find something the library used to have? Please tell us!

If you’re discovering that the library no longer has access to something you used to use, it’s because the library’s collections funds were cut deeply this fiscal year, with the budget for print books eliminated entirely. Please tell us what you need that’s no longer available and how its lack has affected your work. The information will be very important as we work toward rebuilding the library’s resources to support the College’s instruction and research.

Update on New York Times access

You may be aware that we’ve had an access problem with the New York Times web site over the past few months. The short version of the issue is that SGA was providing online access until NYT discontinued that program…which no one on campus realized until our access ceased (there’s more detail in this Campus article). The Times’ new program is extremely expensive, and the library’s funding for this fiscal year was set last year. Partial access is still available; would that full access were, and we wish an immediate solution were at hand. We haven’t given up, though, and are still working on the problem. Please feel free to contact Douglas Black, Head of Collections Management, for more information.