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Academic Roundtable, March 10, 2015 – Managing Technology in the Classroom

The Academic Roundtable meets on Tuesdays in the lounge of the CTLR from 12:15 to 1:15 p.m.
As the number and type of devices students bring to class has proliferated, faculty have had to wrestle with how to manage this new reality of students showing up with phones, tablets, and laptops. In addition, students are impacted by their fellow students. In this session, we’ll hear from faculty who are wrestling with this challenge, as well as from students whose views represent a range of positions.

Faculty discussing their classroom technology policies and practices will include:
Alison Stanger, Political Science
Helen Young, Biology
Student panelists include:
Phil Bohlman ’17
Cate Costley ’15
David Ollin Pesqueira ’17
William Weightman ’17
You may wish to read Clay Shirky’s ” Why I Just Asked My Students To Put Their Laptops Away” at

The 150s now First Come, First Served for Students

For the spring semester, the library study rooms on the lower level (the 150 rooms) will be now available for students on a first come, first served basis. If the room is empty, feel free to just start using it. These are for group study, though, so an individual using the room may be asked to leave if a group needs the room.

These spaces are often used for meetings and interviews by various departments from across campus. Reservations can still be made for these events.  To do so, please contact Doreen Bernier ( or x5595).  Schedules will be posted on the door to each room.

The Return of the Printed Directory

We are pleased to announce that a revised and slimmed down version of the printed directory is now available free of charge. Faculty and Staff can pick up one or two copies at Reprographics during their regular business hours. Additional copies can be purchased for $3.15 each.  Reprographics is located in Freeman International Center. Their hours are Monday through Friday from 8:15 AM to 5:00 PM. This fall we will launch an enhanced on-line directory which will contain all of the information within the printed directory (home phone, home address, etc.) . In anticipation of this new on-line directory, we remind everyone that they can update and set sharing rules for their personal information via Banner.