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Resources for Fall Internships

Dear Students,

We know that many of you have made the hard decision to take a leave of absence for the Fall. Some of you may want to find internships for the Fall, so we thought it would be a good time to remind you of CCI’s Find an Internship page.  Although CCI does not have funding for Fall or Spring internships, you will find both paid and unpaid opportunities in the resources below. 

Here are our top 5 tips for seeking internships.

  1. We suggest starting with Handshake. Click on the “Jobs” tab and then “Internships.” Select a location if desired. Next use your filters. We suggest searching by industry area (scroll through the industry areas and select those that interest you) and then do another search by job function to bring up other options. If you are only interested in remote opportunities, type “remote” into the search bar at the top of the page.
  2. Next check out Handshake’s Resource section. (To navigate from Handshake’s home page, click on Career Center and then Resources.) Sample resources you’ll find include:
    • CCI’s Career Path Pages – once on the career path of your choosing, navigate to the resources tab to find specific databases and web sites related to your interests.
    • Midd2Midd – log in and then select MiddConnect to search for alums in your location, industry area of interest, or major.  This platform is not to be used to ask directly for an internship but to ask for advice. Feel free to reach out to alums but always do your homework first and send a thank you when alums respond. See the Networking Guide in #4 below.
    • List of Past Internships – see what Midd students have done in the past and contact them for questions about their experience.
    • GoinGlobal – in addition to searching internships outside of the US, you can use the US city guides for seeking internships in your preferred US city.   
    • – lots of social impact internship and volunteer opportunities.
    • And more, such as ArtSearch, Jopwell, Vault, and USAJobs. 
  3. Use LinkedIn to search “jobs” and then “internships” under experience level. Or reach out to alums for advice.  Again, do your homework – see Networking Guide below for tips. 
  4. Research organizations on your own – start by searching the organization’s web site for internships. If you don’t find opportunities listed, then reach out with a well-crafted email to ask if they would be willing to take you on as an intern.  See CCI’s Resume and Cover Letter Guides and tips on Networking
  5. CCI Advisors are available for appointments during the summer. Schedule an appointment via Handshake with the career advisor that matches your interest. 

And for those who are interested, here are a few bonus ideas for Virtual Volunteering or “for fee” international virtual internship programs: SIT Study Abroad Virtual Internships, CEA’s Virtual Internships Abroad, and Global Experiences Virtual Internships.

Good luck!  CCI is here for you! 

SIT Study Abroad New Virtual Internships

SIT is offering a number of virtual international internships this summer.  Check out these opportunities. If you are interested in applying to CCI for internship funding (May 8 deadline), apply to SIT by May 1 and request an expedited response on your application.

SIT Study Abroad Virtual Internship Programs

Jordan: Online Internship in Counseling and Humanitarian Action
Kenya: Online Internship in Public Health in the Tropics
Netherlands: Online Internship in Sexuality and Gender
Serbia and Kosovo: Online Internship in Transitional Justice, Human Rights, and Memory
South Africa: Online Internship in Social Justice and Activism

More Resources for Remote Internships

We know that many students’ plans for summer internships are changing.  And as CCI has let you know, we anticipate that most of the internships CCI will be able to fund this summer will be remote internships. 

Last week, we posted some resources for students seeking remote internships for this summer. This week, we also learned that Global Experiences is offering international virtual internships abroad and CEA has extended their deadline to May 1. 

Global Experience Virtuoso Virtual Internships Abroad – Get matched with an international company based on your interests. Deadlines April 22, May 1, and May 15. $1500 fee includes placement, coaching, mentorship, and more. (CCI will consider funding these opportunities if you submit an internship funding application by May 8.)

CEA Virtual Internships Abroad – CEA informed us that they have extended their application deadline to May 1. Engage in supervised international work experience and build global career readiness competencies, all while staying at home. $450 placement fee and additional $95 application fee, which they may waive if asked. (CCI will consider funding these opportunities if you submit an internship funding application by May 8.)

Don’t forget: If you have an unpaid summer internship or experience, you can apply to CCI for internship funding. Apply on a rolling basis up until May 8. See go/summerfunding for information, eligibility, FAQs and more.  Make sure to indicate a Covid-19 summer plan in your essay that gives specifics on if this is a remote internship or what other contingency plans you and your supervisor have agreed upon. 

We are still awaiting final policy decisions from Middlebury for summer funding, but CCI anticipates being able to fund only remote internships, those in your home city/town if not with a vulnerable population, and possibly some in-person domestic internships that start mid-summer in locations not hit by the coronavirus outbreak.  More information coming soon. 

CCI Internship Update (with more information coming next week)

Dear Students,

Out of sight does not mean out of mind — we think of you all constantly and hope you are staying healthy, safe, and positive. 

I promised you another update on internships after my communication of March 28. While we had hoped to have decisions this week about College-wide policies on summer programs which will have an impact on CCI internship funding, we do not have that information yet. We now anticipate hearing about these new guidelines around April 15. This message will give you CCI’s current “best guess” of what we will be able to offer for internship funding, with more information coming next week. 

We know that many of your internships are being cancelled by the employers or that you are on a “wait and see” status.  Given the current COVID-19 situation and projections of when we will return to any sense of normalcy, we anticipate that the College may determine that only remote experiences — with some exceptions — be sponsored by the College this summer. Please see below for how this impacts internship funding:

  • If CCI can only offer funding for remote unpaid internships this summer, then all applications for funding must include a plan approved by your supervisor for working remotely. (In most cases, expenses would be for lost summer wages.) Contact your supervisor and discuss this provision. Include a description in your funding essay.  If remote work is not possible, explain the situation and any alternative plans.
  • We anticipate that there may be a few exceptions granted if the internship starts later in the summer, in a geography that has been relatively unaffected, and is not with a vulnerable population. These reviews would follow guidelines put forth by the US State Department and the CDC and final decisions on these opportunities would likely be made in June.  
  • While funding remains competitive, CCI’s goal is to fund as many students as possible and help create a summer of possibility under such trying circumstances. Therefore, we are broadening our definition of funding-eligible experiences. In addition to remote internships and experiences, we will fund volunteer opportunities, third-party provided virtual internships (e.g. CEA), and will consider other experiential opportunities that help students develop professional skills and advance career exploration.  As stated before, we anticipate that all must be done remotely.
  • CCI has also relaxed its criteria for length of internships/experiences. Instead of requiring 8 weeks at 30 hours a week for $3000 grants and 4 weeks at 25 hours a week for 1st Year Explore Grants, we will now consider funding experiential opportunities that are of varying length. Funding allocations for approved applications will be pro-rated based on established ranges of total number of hours, with maximum awards of $3000. Students who are partially funded will still be eligible for funding next summer (excluding Feb and May 2021 grads).  
  • CCI will now offer two deadlines for funding applications: April 13 for students who have confirmed internships, and May 8 for students who need more time to finalize plans. 
  • Submit an application and make your case for your experience…See applications for funding and directions, forms, and FAQs at 
  • If you are still looking for a remote experience, here are a few resources on remote internships to get you started.
  • And finally, it is fine for you to NOT participate in an internship this summer. For those who would like other ideas for the summer, see Ideas for an Impactful Summer.  

We hope to provide a more definitive set of guidelines for you next week related to CCI’s internship funding.  In the meantime, please keep your internship funding applications coming in. Thank you for your patience and please be in touch if we can help or talk through any situations. Remember, CCI advisors are available for Zoom and phone appointments – schedule appointments through Handshake. Feel free to also email with any questions.

Take good care. CCI is here to support you in any way we can.   

Looking for a remote internship or experience this summer? Here are some tips to get you started.

Convert your current experience or create your own:

  • Already offered an in-person internship? Ask your employer if it can be converted into a remote experience. See article below on making the most of a remote internship.* 
  • Create your own by contacting an organization to ask if a posted internship can be done remotely or if the organization has projects (think research, writing, data analysis, social media, and more) you can work on from home in order to gain experience while helping them achieve their goals. 

Search databases and third-party providers for remote experiences:

  • Handshake: In the jobs tab, search internships and then use key word search “remote.” Use this article to get started:  How to get a job on Handshake (FAQ)
  • Idealist: Type “remote” in location tab to find hundreds of remote internships worldwide with organizations and nonprofits committed to making a difference.
  • Parker Dewey: Sign up for multiple paid micro-internships available across a variety of industries from entrepreneurs to large enterprises.  Create a free account and explore which opportunities seem most interesting to you based on assignment details, deadlines, and pay.  
  • CEA Virtual Internships Abroad: Engage in supervised international work experience and build global career readiness competencies, all while staying at home. (Deadline April 15; $450 placement fee but may be able be able to extend deadline and/or waive additional $95 application fee.)
  • Virtual Internships: Work for companies across the country or globe supporting projects ranging from social media support to full business projects, website design, market reports, financial assessments, and more. 

Articles on the benefits and how to navigate Remote Experiences:

CCI’s Remote Internship Guide

*6 Ways to Make the Most of a Remote Internship

Important Internship Update

Dear Students,

Our hearts and minds are with you wherever you are across the country and globe. We will get through this!

We know that many of you are wondering where CCI stands related to internships and internship funding. While we have some updates for you, we also ask for your patience as we wait to see what the coming weeks will bring.  Here is the current information about how CCI can continue to support you if you are thinking about an internship for the summer.    

  • At this moment, CCI is still planning to provide funding for unpaid internships this summer.  But as you know, this is a time of great uncertainty and that has an impact on internships as well.  The situation is fluid, and we will need to finalize decisions at a later date based on CDC guidelines. While we are hoping for the best, it is likely that we may not fund international internships (unless in your home country) or that we may only be able to fund remote internships. We will continue to monitor the situation and do whatever we can to support you in your summer plans while ensuring that the College is only supporting experiences that are unlikely to put you at risk. We will continue to keep you informed and post updates at go/summerfunding.
  • We will endeavor to be as flexible as we can with internship funding deadlines and length of internships during these extreme times. But we encourage you to be creative and take initiative in seeking out opportunities that are remote or can be converted to remote internships, if needed.
  • Eligible students who have already secured an unpaid internship and wish to apply for funding must submit their application for internship funding no later than April 13. In your essay, please include a statement telling us that you have been in touch with your supervisor and have agreed to a plan on how you can do the internship (or at least the early part of the internship) remotely, if needed, or that the timing of the internship can be flexible if remote work is not possible. Funding may be pro-rated for internships that have to be shorter than the required 8 weeks. Funding decisions will be emailed to you on May 1. 
  • Students who need more time to secure an internship or need to make alternative plans will have until May 8 to submit their application for funding.  These late applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis so submit your application as soon as you have a plan, and also indicate in your essay what contingency plan you and your supervisor have agreed to in case the internship cannot take place in-person. Please know that receipt of funding for these late applications may be delayed to mid or late June.  
  • The internship funding application is now open in Handshake. If you already have a confirmed unpaid internship and have accepted it, we encourage you to complete your application for funding. See instructions and all forms atgo/summerfunding
  • If you are applying for internship funding, CCI has waived the requirement to have a CCI-approved resume, but you will still need to submit a resume with your application. Our Peer Career Advisors will review resumes remotely. Send your resume to
  • If you are hoping to participate in an internship this summer but have not yet found one, there are over 2,600 internships still posted in Handshake. Discover other great tips for finding an internship at go/FindInternship or schedule a phone or video appointment with a CCI advisor through Handshake.
  • Many internships in Handshake are Reserved for Middlebury only.  And some CCI-Sponsored Internships (some overlaps) come with guaranteed funding. Many of these internships have upcoming application deadlines. 
  • Many Middlebury alums are eager to help students navigate these tricky times. Now is a great time to get career or internship advice. Spend some time exploring Midd2Middand reach out.  Review our Networking Guide first.
  • Finally, you may just need to stay flexible if your summer plans don’t pan out the way you envisioned. These are unprecedented times, and if an internship or work experience doesn’t happen for you this summer, you will be fine and there are lots of productive ways you can spend your summer.  We will be providing other ideas for an impactful summer on CCI’s social media and the Career Path blogs. And don’t forget that CCI advisors are available for phone and Zoom appointments to help you with your summer plans. 

We miss you, but please know that CCI is always here for you.

Take good care of yourself, your friends, and your family. 

Apply Now for CCI’s Summer Internship Funding!

CCI has $1000 and $3000 grants available for students with unpaid summer internships!  
Funding Application Deadline: April 13.

Instructions, forms, and FAQs available at go/summerfunding.

Before applying for funding:
*Find and accept an internship between now and April 13.
*Must have your resume approved by a Peer Career Advisor before submitting funding application. Visit Quick Questions for locations and times.** (Juniors studying abroad, contact Cheryl Whitney Lower.)
*Meet with a CCI advisor to discuss your plans. Appointments are required for First-Year Explore Grant applicants and strongly encouraged for all other applicants.
*Complete an application in Handshake and upload 4 required documents: essay, budget, funding agreement, and CCI-approved resume.
*Follow instructions in CCI’s Quick Guide to Summer Funding.

All funding applications will be reviewed after April 13. Grant notifications will be emailed on May 1.

Need help with your internship search?
There are still close to 3000 paid and unpaid internships on Handshake!
And there are plenty of other places to look. See CCI’s Top 10 Tips for Finding an Internship.
Visit Quick Questions, or make an appointment with a CCI advisor.

CCI can’t wait to hear about your summer plans!

**Added bonus! Complete your Handshake profile and get your resume approved between now and March 24 and you’ll be entered into a competition for a $500 flight voucher.