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Finding and Funding Your Summer Internship!

Considering an internship this summer?  Winter Term is a great time to start your search.

At this information session, you will learn strategies for finding or creating the best summer internship for you. We will:

  • Give you examples of past internships Midd students have done
  • Highlight top resources to use in the search process
  • Discuss strategies for creating your own experience
  • Provide tips for narrowing down fields in which to pursue your internship
  • Provide an overview of CCI’s GRANT FUNDING available for unpaid internships
  • Let you know about all the great people at CCI you can turn to for help

We look forward to seeing you and answering all of your questions.

Wednesday, January 9, 4:30-5:30 pm, Coltrane Lounge, Adirondack House

Register here! 


Winter Term Internship in Puerto Rico-Apply by Nov. 14!

Puerto Rico is recovering from multiple disasters and trying to become an innovation island. You have the opportunity to participate in a historic moment in Puerto Rico, as it builds itself back from the bottom up, based on the innate resourcefulness and resilience of its communities. A high school in Bayamon (just outside San Juan) is looking for a few college students familiar with design thinking for entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, or community-based design to come to sunny Puerto Rico (Bayamon is the biggest and most innovative urban setting here) for J-term and assist by facilitating a community-based design project, and fostering grade 11 students’ “level two” deep design thinking skills and habits of mind. The school is all in, and you will be working with an outstanding team of educators and students. Shared housing will be at a reduced rate. Spanish is not a must, but it could be a great opportunity to practice!! Design Thinking and a desire to teach it are the basic requirements.  See posting in Handshake and apply immediately!

Important Deadlines for Students Planning Winter Term Internships for Credit!

Are you planning to take part in an internship for credit during Winter Term 2019? Please pay attention to these important deadlines!

Deadline – November 15:
Register for a Winter Term placeholder class in Banner Web by 4:00 pm on Thursday, November 15
if your internship has not yet been approved  by CCI and the Curriculum Committee.

Students who have already received an approval email from CCI and the Curriculum Committee must follow all instructions in their award letter and register for the internship course in Banner Web no later than November 15.

Deadline – November 30:
Secure a Winter Term internship AND complete an application for credit. No applications accepted after November 30. See steps and timeline for applying for credit for your internship at go/WTinternships.

You will find all the information you need about Winter Term internships at go/WTinternships, including the personal essay prompt and sample academic sources. For additional questions, please contact Cheryl Whitney Lower.

Summer Internships: How to Find and Fund Your Internship

It is not too early to start planning your summer internship! Learn strategies for finding or creating the best summer internship for you.  At this session, we will:

  • Give you examples of past internships from Midd students.
  • Discuss strategies for finding an internship or creating your own experience.
  • Help you navigate an internship search using Handshake.
  • Highlight other top resources to use in the search process.
  • Provide an overview of CCI’s GRANT FUNDING available for unpaid internships.
  • Discuss CCI-sponsored and cohort internships (paid or fully-funded).

Tuesday, November 6, 4:30-5:30 pm. Coltrane Lounge, Adirondack House. RSVP here.

Can’t make this session? We’ll hold a repeat session on Wednesday, Jan. 9. You can also come by Quick Questions to get started or make an appointment with a CCI advisor in your interest area.

Local and On-Campus Winter Term Internships!

Are you interested in doing a Winter Term internship for credit but want to stay on campus?

Check out the great on-campus and local Winter Term internships in Handshake. Search “jobs,” click on “Filters,” scroll down to “labeled by your school” and select “Winter Term” to see all the offerings.

Sample On-Campus Internships:

  • Architectural Analysis Intern – Work with Marble Fairbanks, the architecture firm that has been engaged to work on a project at the Davis Library.
  • Study Abroad Intern – Learn about the field of study abroad in higher education with the International Programs & Off Campus Study office.
  • Oratory Now Intern – Help organize the Spencer Prize in Oratory event, develop oratory coaching curricula, and more.
  • Publishing Intern – Read and evaluate manuscripts, participate in editorial meetings, and more with the New England Review.

Sample Local Internships:

What’s that? You say you’re interested in doing an internship in another country for Winter Term instead? We have those too!  Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru, Puerto Rico….

First step: Find your internship in Handshake or on your own.
Second step: Apply to earn credit for the internship.  All information and timelines at go/WTinternships.
Need help? Drop by Quick Questions or schedule an appointment with a CCI advisor in your interest area.


Cashing in on Your Summer Internship

In your next interview, you’re pretty much guaranteed to get a question or two about your internship experience. Will you be able to turn that into your next big opportunity?

“Cashing in on Your Summer Internship”
Sunday, October 14, 4:30 pm
OR Monday, October 15, 7:30 pm
Coltrane Lounge, Adirondack House

Oratory Now Internship Coaching and Video Session

Join this hands-on workshop to practice the art of translating your internship story!

Oratory Now coaches will lead this coaching and video session designed for students who participated in internships over the summer. Participants will refine their public speaking skills and craft a personalized narrative about the impact of their summer experience. You will leave the session with a “draft” video you could use for digital portfolios, LinkedIn pages, and more.

RSVP in Handshake for the day and time that works best for you!

Sunday, October 14 at 4:30 PM


Monday, October 15 at 7:30 PM.

Both sessions will be held at Coltrane Lounge in Adirondack House. See you there!

Applying for Winter Term Internship Credit? Follow these steps…

Each Winter Term, many students participate in internships and apply for the opportunity to earn academic credit while having high-level exposure to valuable work. Below is a complete timeline that clearly outlines all of the necessary steps to obtain credit this January. Contact Cheryl Whitney Lower at with any questions.

Expand the sections below to access required forms and more information.

Starting now – early November, 2018 SECURE YOUR INTERNSHIP

  • Apply for opportunities on Handshake or find your own! If you need help, schedule a meeting with a Career Advisor in your interest area or a general internship advising appointment, or drop by Quick Questions.
  • Tell your Internship Supervisor that they will receive a link (via a Handshake email) to complete an Intern Sponsor Agreement form once you have submitted your Application for Internship Credit.


  • If you are planning to complete an internship but have not yet been approved or secured your internship, register for any Winter Term class as a temporary placeholder. Failure to register for a class or an internship during WT registration means you will not be eligible for credit.  
  • If your internship is approved before WT registration, register on Banner for your internship; CCI will send you instructions once it is approved.
  • Note: “Approved” means it has been approved by CCI and the Curriculum Committee.


  • Identify a Middlebury faculty member as your Academic Sponsor- this can be your advisor or another faculty member.
  • Discuss a plan that will help you make connections between your internship experience and your coursework at Middlebury.
  • Identify at least three scholarly sources to list in your application for credit. You will use this as an intellectual framework for your experience and as relevant content for your final academic work. See samples here.
  • Once you have completed your Application for Internship Credit, your Academic Sponsor will receive a link (via a Handshake email) to complete an Academic Sponsor Agreement form.


  • Write your Personal Statement (use template here).
  • Apply for Winter Term Internship Credit/Funding in Handshake by going to Career Center > Experiences> New Experience. Complete entire application and click Create Experience when done.*
  • Attach a copy of your Resume and Personal Statement to the attachments section in Handshake (left side of page).
  • Download the Internship Agreement/Assumption of Risk and Code of Conduct Form from the Experience (attached to left side); complete the form and re-attach to your Experience.
  • Intern Sponsor Agreement Form (Internship Supervisor submits)
    A link to this form will be sent directly to your Internship Supervisor after student has submitted first two forms.
  • Academic Sponsor Approval Form (Faculty Academic Sponsor submits)
    A link to this form will be sent directly to the faculty member after student has submitted first two forms.
  • Your application will not be complete until all 6 steps have been completed.

* You may need to complete the Summer Survey first: (Career Center> Surveys> Required: What did you do this summer?)


  • Submit final academic work to your academic sponsor.
  • Complete self-evaluation in Handshake (Deadline: Feb. 4).
  • Students who receive grants will also submit a donor thank you letter (Deadline: Feb.4).
  • Internship supervisor will also submit an evaluation (Deadline: Feb. 4).