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Bienvenue à Paris ! Welcome to Paris !

The School in France is pleased to welcome 38 new students to Paris this semester;  they join our 2 annual undergraduates and 12 annual MA candidates.  We’ve kept the incoming students busy for the past 10 days talking about their academic program, housing and life in Paris, health and safety, the Language Pledge, etc. We thank them tremendously for their enthusiasm and their cooperation and wish them a fabulous start to the 2nd semester!

A few highlights from our semestriel wine and cheese tasting at the Centre Madeleine!

Guided by wine and cheese connoisseur and former phonetics professor, Mme Annie-Claude Motron, students sampled wine from various regions in France and 18 different cheeses, a mere beginning in the country that boasts 365 types of cheese, one for every day of the year. As Madame Motron explained, cheeses are classified first by their milk: vache, chèvre, ou brebis (cow, goat, or sheep), and then again by their consistency, molle ou dur, (soft ou hard). Madame Motron then led students through the steps of wine tasting: looking at, smelling, tasting, and, most importantly, discussing the wine with friends.

An extraordinary experience with the French Heritage Society

Cameron Flynn, University of Michigan Class of 2018 and former participant in Middlebury in Paris’ program (Spring 2016-17) recalls highlights of his experience as a French Heritage Society intern : “This summer I had the opportunity to intern with the French Heritage Society in two castles in the county Périgord, the Château de Commarque, next to Sarlat-la-Canéda, and the Château de Montréal, in Issac. I was the only American and the only Anglophone, which allowed me to immensely improve my ability to spontaneously use the French language. Alongside Francophones, I brought visitors on guided tours (in either English or French). At the Château de Montreal, I lived with a family from Montferrand in their home and I ate with them, all while having the chance to immerse myself in their historic archives as well, an incredible experience!”

Discovering Paris!

What better way to get oriented to Paris than to explore it by foot ? 😊
Incoming students spent an afternoon discovering the different quartiers and sites of the city with their new classmates ; here are some of their photo souvenirs!

Notre star !

Bravo à Eamonn Mannion, étudiant de Middlebury College qui a fait ses études à Paris 3 pendant toute l’année universitaire 2016-2017, pour sa belle prestation dans la vidéo/pub de l’association « Echanges internationaux à Paris (EIAP) » :  . Nous en sommes très fiers car il représente très bien la population d‘étudiants américains à Paris 3, et à Paris !

Summer 2017 with the French Heritage Society

A hearty congratulations to Naomi Jabouin, a Bowdoin College undergraduate, and Cameron Flynn, a University of Michigan undergraduate ! These two current students of the Middlebury College School in France program (Naomi in Bordeaux and Cameron in Paris) were recently informed of their acceptance in the French Heritage Society’s summer internship program ( Each year, this non-profit organization sends anglophone students into châteaux throughout France to work as bilingual guides. The lucky interns have the opportunity to improve their French, deepen their understanding of the nation’s patrimony and gain some firsthand experience in cultural tourism. Ms. Jabouin will be working this summer at the château de Fontainebleau, while Mr. Flynn has been placed in the château d’Acquigny and the château de Montréal.