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Thanks for the help with shelving!

bookcartMany thanks for the help with shelving the masses of books returned at the end of the Fall term. The books are still coming in, so if you’re still interested in a little shelving, please check with your supervisor – and contact Rich Church. A special thanks to Mark Procter, Lexa deCourval, Joy Pile, Barbara Merz, Sue Driscoll, Cindy Myrick, and Arabella Holzapfel for their help!

Help Shelve a Flood of Books

The LIS Stacks department is currently drowning in a huge flood of returns.
Circulation Services is looking for LIS “volunteers” to help re-shelve. Do you have any time to spare during your regularly scheduled time between now and the 24th? If so, please check with your supervisor – and if approved by your supervisor, please contact Rich Church. The benefits are great – the hours are flexible, and shelving is a calm, quiet, stress free activity. The only requirement is a willingness to help. We’ll provide an orientation and a brief lesson in the Library of Congress Classification System.
Even an hour or two would help – thanks!