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New Books for Spring

Just in time for Spring recess, come see the recently updated New Books display at Davis Family Library.   Choose from more than 70 newly published and highly recommended  books.  You’ll find nonfiction, fantasy, action, mystery, graphic novels, short stories and more.



You can also “check out” newly added eBooks and audiobooks at go/books2go (http://go.middlebury.edu/books2go).


Read local (and locally sourced books)

By sourcing new books for our Browsing Collection* from a local Middlebury bookstore, we’re making a choice to support a local, independent business and our local economy. There are are lots of reasons to “buy local” and now we’re adding GOOD BOOKS to that list. Now that’s reading local. 

You can find our newest books on the New Books shelves and on the Browsing books shelves, located behind the DVDs on the main floor of the Davis Library.

*The Browsing collection is made up of recently published and bestselling fiction and nonfiction, science fiction, fantasy, memoirs, and biographies. Reading to feel good about, for lots of reasons.

Help Shelve a Flood of Books

The LIS Stacks department is currently drowning in a huge flood of returns.
Circulation Services is looking for LIS “volunteers” to help re-shelve. Do you have any time to spare during your regularly scheduled time between now and the 24th? If so, please check with your supervisor – and if approved by your supervisor, please contact Rich Church. The benefits are great – the hours are flexible, and shelving is a calm, quiet, stress free activity. The only requirement is a willingness to help. We’ll provide an orientation and a brief lesson in the Library of Congress Classification System.
Even an hour or two would help – thanks!