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Charles Gwathmey, library architect

Submitted by Jeff Rehbach

Charles Gwathmey, of the design firm Gwathmey Siegel & Associates Architects, died on Monday, August 3. GSAA designed our new main library. Mr. Gwathmey was present at the dedication of the library in October 2004, and spoke that weekend as part of the Clifford Symposium on October 9, 2004, sharing many of his personal concepts and ideas that led to the design of our wonderful facility. With colleagues at GSAA who worked closely with us in the early part of this decade, we offer our sympathy and mourn this loss.

Announcement on Gwathmey Siegel web site
Obituary from The New York Times

Office moves!

Submitted by Jeff Rehbach

During the next week, you may spot lots of activity as several us move to new office locations:

Jeff Rehbach: Voter 223  (Tom’s former office)
Ron McKinnon: Voter 206  (Chris’s former office)
Chris Norris: LIB 114  (Ron’s former office)
Joe Antonioli: LIB 202C (Jeff’s former office)
Alex Chapin: LIB 213 (Joe’s former office)
Ian McBride: LIB 132 (share with Adam Franco & Travis Stafford)
Travis Stafford: LIB 132 (share with Ian and Adam)

Note: when Jeff needs a “landing place” in the library, he’ll have a spot in LIB 202C. Thanks, Joe, for sharing!
And thanks to Facilities Services, Joseph Watson, and Doreen, Ginnie Bukowski and Jim Fitzgerald for faciliting all the changes.