Office moves!

Submitted by Jeff Rehbach

During the next week, you may spot lots of activity as several us move to new office locations:

Jeff Rehbach: Voter 223  (Tom’s former office)
Ron McKinnon: Voter 206  (Chris’s former office)
Chris Norris: LIB 114  (Ron’s former office)
Joe Antonioli: LIB 202C (Jeff’s former office)
Alex Chapin: LIB 213 (Joe’s former office)
Ian McBride: LIB 132 (share with Adam Franco & Travis Stafford)
Travis Stafford: LIB 132 (share with Ian and Adam)

Note: when Jeff needs a “landing place” in the library, he’ll have a spot in LIB 202C. Thanks, Joe, for sharing!
And thanks to Facilities Services, Joseph Watson, and Doreen, Ginnie Bukowski and Jim Fitzgerald for faciliting all the changes.

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