Manager’s Meeting Notes, May 10, 2012

Present:  Mike Roy, Carrie Macfarlane, Peggy Fischel, Joe Antonioli, Mary Backus, Jess Isler, Dan Frostman, Ian Burke, Rachel Manning, Joe Durante, Chris Norris, Carol Peddie, Pij Slater, Terry Simpkins, David Ludwig, Petar Mitrevski and Jim Stuart (via phone).

Pij Slater presented the Education and Training Team’s Orientation Checklist for New LIS Staff for discussion.  Some suggestions for inclusion or revision were:

  • Expand the list of “systems” to include all in current use (i.e., Millenium, Subsplus, Heat, Hyperion, etc.
  • Information on locating documents in Middfiles
  • Reserving library rooms
  • Information map (“What info is where” — Middfiles v. Googledocs v. wiki)
  • Shift the information security section above BannerWeb
  • Include information on keys and card access
  • Ordering supplies
  • Garbage and recycling
  • Information on printing/copying for office and personal use
  • Management of personal Drupal profiles (Main directory & workgroup page)
  • BannerWeb overview (not covered by H/R in their orientation sessions)
  • Add mission statement to document
  • Under platforms – add portal
  • Portal customization – add link
  • Various web platforms (Joe Antonioli will provide this information)
  • Be sure to define abbreviations for those who might not understand them

The managers also discussed the idea of presenting this at an LIS all-staff meeting,  possibly as an exercise where staff would actually go through the checklist document in detail.  Managers also felt that this should be discussed on the workgroup level.  Finally, we talked a bit about maintaining the document.  Who will do this and how will be kept up to date?  Should this be made into an “LIS portal?”

Next steps will include:

  • Pij (or the Team) will make changes and incorporate the group’s suggestions
  • Redistribute to the managers
  • Joe A. will consult with the Web Team about maintaining this in Drupal vs. Wiki (Ed & Training Team prefers a Drupal page for easier formatting, with links to the underlying content on wiki or elswhere.)
  • Present at All Staff meeting

Mike then led a discussion of a number of ideas to improve “how we do our work” that we generated several meetings ago.  These ideas include:

  • Topics from management training
    • Effective meetings
    • Prioritization
    • Effective communication
    • Feedback
    • Planning and decision making
    • Delegation
    • DiSC
    • Shared values: trust, respect (this item was moved up on the list because of importance)
  • Consolidate places to find and share information – Mike asked for volunteers to work on this, and Ian Burke, Chris Norris, Terry Simpkins, David Ludwig, Pij Slater, Joe Durante, and Joe Antonioli were foolish enough to suddenly blink, twitch, scratch themselves, or otherwise attract Mike’s attention.  Therefore, this group will meet to develop make recommendations regarding internal communication once we have a charge.
  • SLAs and ticketing system
  • Policy summit and policy overrides (this should be done AFTER the SLA process is complete.  Consider handbook update schedule.  Carol Peddie will work on this, possibly in June)
  • Focus on technical training

Other ideas that are worth pursuing but potentially more complex to implement include:

  • Team assessment: new charges, membership, protocols
  • 360 reviews for managers (do not do this during the annual evaluation time)
  • Career ladders
  • Adding staff
  • Values – have we articulated the right values for LIS and how do we hold people accountable to them.  Mike will present values at an All-Staff meeting for discussion, but it should also be discussed on an area/workgroup level.

Thanks for reading,
Terry & Doreen

1 thought on “Manager’s Meeting Notes, May 10, 2012

  1. Carrie Macfarlane

    The Education and Training Team’s Orientation Checklist for New LIS Staff is EXCELLENT! The managers group made some suggestions for revisions and additions, but they were minor. The ETT did a great job of pulling together and prioritizing all getting-started advice. Thank you, ETT!


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