Manager’s meeting, Jan. 2012

Present:  Ian Burke, David Ludwig, Jim Stuart, Joe Durante, Pij Slater, Terry Simpkins, Mary Backus, Chris Norris, Peggy Fischel, Joseph Watson, Rebekah Irwin, Jess Isler, Dan Frostman, Rachel Manning, Petar Mitrevski and Doreen Bernier

We discussed the LIS Values.  Mary asked “as a management team, are they useful to your work?  Do you use them?”  We agreed that our values could be useful for departments, but they need to be integrated more into our everyday environment.  It appears that they are currently not accessed often by workgroup leaders.  Workgroup leaders should remind staff of these values yearly and this could be a useful tool during evaluations.  Managers should also offer positive feedback throughout the year.  We should consider possibly incorporating these values into the monthly employee awards.  No revision to this document is needed at this time.

We talked some about the mechanics of the staffing plan

  • If you have any questions about iGreenTree, contact either Heather Stafford in HR or Carol Peddie.
  • As we make plans to bring in candidates for open positions, we should begin by preparing a list of search committee members.  These members should talk with HR to find out what is appropriate to ask candidates and what is not.
  • Search committees should save all notes and documentation and give them to HR after the process is completed.
  • All resumes and documentation pertaining to candidates are considered confidential.  Please shred any leftover materials.

Chris mentioned the most important column in the Roadmap Project Directory needing updates is the status column.  He also mentioned that it is also possible to import MS Project into Roadmap, but only 1 project at a time.  If you have a lot of projects to import, please ask Chris for assistance.  Roadmap also has an export feature and exporting to Excel is the easiest.

Everyone has updated their goals (thank you!).  Mike will be preparing a blog post updating the college community on our accomplishments.  It was suggested that goals be added to workgroup agendas to get people talking about them.  Talk to your AD if you should have any questions.

The annual evaluation process begins in January, with all evaluations being due to HR by March 31.  HR is preparing a new evaluation form this year, which will be distributed shortly.  The merit raise quota from last year is not being continued this year, but you can still nominate staff for bonuses.  The next Manager training session is January 18th.

We discussed whether the optional all LIS meetings should be monthly instead of every two weeks, and held on a different day than Friday.  Some topic suggestions:

  • Building library collections
  • Sustaining analog laptops in classrooms
  • Service points
  • Sophos

We discussed team workloads, specifically how we can help workgroup leaders prioritize their regular work and requests for team work.  Some team members don’t have “cycles” in their work to allow them to handle the work of their teams during low periods.  Team members are interested in doing the work, but they can’t find the time to set aside regular work.  Because of the current staffing levels in some areas, there is little “extra” time to devote to team work.  Should a process be in place where team members can be rotated?  This topic should be continued at another Managers meeting.

Thanks for reading

Terry & Doreen

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