New Helpdesk Website

The new Helpdesk website (go/helpdesk) is live. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to find the information you need. We hope to accomplish this with:

  1. Improved navigation – our information is broken down into major categories; choose the category that makes the most sense for your issue, and
  2. A “Search Help” search box on our homepage; type in a search and get results only from our site and our wiki documentation. (Note: this will be more effective after Google has a chance to index the new site, and should work properly after break.)

If you have go shortcuts or bookmarks to pages on our site, they may no longer work.  If you can’t find what you’re looking for, or just have comments about the new site, let us know. We want to make your experience on our site as enjoyable as possible.

2 thoughts on “New Helpdesk Website

  1. Caroline

    Hi Ben,

    Sorry to bother you but I’m wondering if 2009 graduates still have access to their Tigercat accounts. My Middlebury email was recently unactivated so I thought I would check to see if it would be possible to access files saved to that server. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you and happy new year! Caroline

  2. Brenda Ellis

    I am always glad to see improvements to our webpages but there’s one thing I think still needs to be improved on. I had a hard time finding the link to the helpdesk documentation on the new helpdesk page. I looked at the left menu links and naturally went to software where there is no link (but I think there should be). Then I looked at FAQ’s. I finally came back to the help desk page and saw the link within the paragraph of text. I think most users are like me – we don’t read paragraphs to look for links and users on small laptops (most of our students) will have to scroll to see this. (its as bad as having the main library and technology links in the welcome paragraph of the LIS homepage). I suggest that major links should be standalone on menus or in widget boxes. Maybe you could add a link to the documentation within the top requests box or its own separate box, it would be more noticeable. But mainly it needs to be lots of places so that no matter what path the user takes, they find it. Otherwise you will not reach your goal of our users be more self-sufficient.


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