Process for nominating and selecting digitization projects

The Digital Archives Team was charged with, among other things, creating a process for prioritizing digitization efforts.

We have conceived of a process through which Middlebury College community members can propose LIS resources for digitization, and also conceptualized a committee that would evaluate those proposals and prioritize projects.

The first step is the nomination of a project.  This can be done by a curator of a collection or any faculty or staff member or student who feels an LIS resource should be digitized.   The form for nominating such a project is here and we would like to get feedback on it from anyone who has it to offer.  The final version would presumably be a web-based form, but this would be up to the committee.

Here are the guidelines we suggest the committee use to evaluate nominated projects.  Numerical points (on a scale to be established by the committee) would be assigned to each element.  (The guidelines will be made available to nominators so they are aware of the judging criteria when they fill out their nomination form.)

Please pass along your thoughts either in a comment here or email me at holzapfe AT midd….

4 thoughts on “Process for nominating and selecting digitization projects

  1. Jess Isler

    Looks good.

    In the Copyright section for both docs, it may be useful to make a slight change to the Owned by someone else option: “Owned by someone else, but permission secured… and on file with X/in X location”. Especially if there isn’t a centralized place where these agreements will live, it would make sense to me to require explicit information about where the permission exists and in what format (was it an email or written agreement? between whom, who knows how to find it when asked, etc.)

  2. Arabella Holzapfel Post author

    Thanks for the idea, Brenda – it could well happen.

    For now, we’re primarily looking for feedback on the content of the form/guidelines. Where/how these are ultimately housed/accessed will be up to the committee, as we’ve conceived it. (And all of this is still subject to approval by the Area Directors.)


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