ETI Goal: Administrative Efficiency

Goal Statement

Our staff will use their expertise to partner with others in LIS and a functional area (once selected) to achieve the LIS administrative efficiency strategic goal.


Systems & services are designed with self-service in mind.

ETI staff members will contribute their experience & expertise to work with users in College departments / areas to develop model(s) to enhance workflow, and data collection / storage / access. Models can then be rolled-out across campus.


With fewer staff on campus, expedite use of technology (with system & process re-engineering) to achieve more efficient workflows. Empower constiuents in use of technology across campus. Allow LIS staff to prioritize on work they’re best at.


Timing in line with LIS goal – plan articulated by June 2010, and services implemented during FY2011.

1. User meetings

2. Articulate needs

3. Consult/vendor solutions; internal solutions identified

4. Cost proposals

5. Plan developed


Staff will need time to do research and talk with vendors / consultants. Will involve others across LIS & user community (for needs assessment)

Other campuses, consultants & vendors to be contracted (some expenditures) will need to be consulted.

Staff time on this goal may mean less time on immediate work or team work.

Long term: capital & operational budget balance / allocations will need to be assigned.


We have knowledgeable staff and vendors to achieve this goal.

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