ETI Goal: Service

Goal Statement

Clarify roles, responsibilities, and service levels in providing & troubleshooting systems & ETI services
(whom do people call when about what, and what is the response we provide?)


Effective technical documentation & training for systems / staff with whom we work (e.g., User Services & MIIS staff). Implement cross-ETI  project tracking & workflow.


Established service levels defined for all calls that relate to ETI systems/services.

Clarity of roles, timelines, workflow for projects.

Fewer calls to our staff. Improved response to users.

85-90% of calls related to selected ETI systems issues can be handled by helpdesks or technical staff outside ETI based on training & documentation.


Jan-June 2010: Partner with User Services, MIIS (etc.) to designate & prioritize systems on which to focus initially. Clarify roles, responsibilties & service levels for these systems.

Jul-Dec 2010: learn from previous 6 months; adjust what we’re doing; extend to other systems.

Jan 2011 onward: repeat as needed.


Staff will need time to assess needs, develop & participate in training, and establish mutually defined service levels.

Staff time working on this goal may mean less time on immediate work or team work.


Yes, achievable! We have staff knowledgeable and willing to share expertise and expedite problem resolution.

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