Collection Management Goal #2: Assume Some (Library) Systems Tasks

Goal Statement

Designate a Collection Management staff person to assume certain low-level library system roles.

Supports Strategic Choice
#4 – staff development as part of performance process


  • Work with Barbara Merz & Mike Lynch to identify functions/tasks that could be shifted
  • Identify CM staff member with requisite background and aptitude
  • Identify training opportunities, both in house and through III

Possible tasks for CM to assume:

  • Updates to Serials Solutions (III/Excel manipulation)
  • Serve as contact with III
  • Load table editing/creation (more complex)
  • WebBridge  maintenance (more complex)


  • Make CM more self-sufficient for “routine” library system issues
  • Faster response time for minor issues
  • Relieve Library Systems of these tasks as Mike devotes more time to managing a workgroup.
  • Provide new opportunities for CM staff
  • Learn more about the system CM works with every day.


  • Identify CM candidate very soon after the dust settles from the next round of VSP/ERP departures.
  • Have basic list of specific tasks to assume identified by that time; may need to be adjusted depending on who takes role.
  • Identify training needs and opportunities by June ‘10
  • Ask systems to set permissions necessary to access various  system parameters
  • Begin training and assume tasks as soon as ready thereafter.
  • Monitor progress monthly
  • Change job descriptions as needed.


  • CM member would need to commit to learning and performing certain III functions.
  • Systems staff would need to commit to providing some training
  • ADs would need to commit some prof. dev. money for outside (i.e. III) training
  • Workgroup supervisor would need to allow release time for training classes and reading documentation in III manual/CSDirect
  • Some work can be done during “down-time” periods


  • Barrier: identifying appropriate staff member in CM.
  • Barrier: finding time from Mike and/or Barbara to train CM staff member.
  • Enabler: Library systems and CM workgroup leaders already in agreement in principle.
  • Enabler: CM staff generally willing to tackle new challenges.

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