Collection Management Goal #3: Withdraw PAO periodicals

Goal Statement

Complete online withdrawal and physical removal of bound periodical issues duplicated by PAO (Periodicals Archive Online) digital coverage.

Bound volumes are duplicated by digital coverage and take up valuable shelf space. Often shifting of volumes is required to accommodate new volumes, etc. These items are now rarely used as digital access is preferred.

Supports Strategic Choice:
Space Planning — Shelving will be emptied allowing more flexibility in space planning.


Recently completed JSTOR withdrawal project can serve as a model with only minor workflow adjustments.


  • To free up shelving, adding flexibility to housing the collection. These volumes are no longer used as digital access is preferred.
  • More space on shelves, or less space needed for shelves and available for other use


By June 2011
1) Midcat and OCLC records edited. 2) Bound volumes marked. 3) Volumes removed and sent to recycling.


  • Selectors identify items that should not be removed (i.e., due to presence of color plates, or other criteria they develop)
  • Cataloging and Serials staff will edit Midcat and OCLC records and mark volumes to be removed.
  • P&P students will remove and send to recycling.
  • Recycling staff will dispose of them.


  • Yes. The scope of this project is smaller than the JSTOR project that was accomplished in a similar time frame.
  • Barrier: Staffing levels. JSTOR was accomplished prior to the first round of ERP. Should CM lose more staff this project may take longer or be postponed
  • Enabler: Should space issues become high priority this project could be accomplished sooner by postponing other tasks.

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