24/7 in Full Swing!

24/7 hours are in full swing at the Main Library.
Staff in Circulation Services coordinate the day-to-day (and night-to-night) operations of 24 hour services, with the support of many staff across LIS, User Services, Custodial Services, and Public Safety.
A special thanks to Steve Bertolino for his late night coordination of this effort and to Terry Simpkins – who braved the very first overnight shift of the season. I’d also like to extend a special thanks to the Custodial Team who carry an extra heavy cleaning burden during the 24/7 period.
It takes extra effort to provide 24/7 services, and it is good to know that the effort is appreciated by our students – especially during this time of reduced resources and staffing.
A couple of reminders:
24/7 access requires a Middcard between 11 pm and regular opening times.
24/7 hours are in effect this week and next – until 8 pm on Saturday 12/12.

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