Some library statistics – needed? On new site?

I currently maintain two types of monthly statistics.

In the folder O:\ORGS\LIS\LISstaff\ILS III Millennium User Materials\EZProxy statistics you can see stats relating to useage of on-line resources through EZProxy. These are in the form of a bunch of .html files accessed through an index file I’ve named +START HERE 2009.html.

The other is a spreadsheet of the record counts and numbers for the various record types in the III database. O:\ORGS\LIS\LISstaff\ILS Implementation-III\III record counts.xls

If anyone uses these, they should be accessed somehow through the new website. Or they can be abolished as a “not to do” task.  Anybody care one way or the other?

3 thoughts on “Some library statistics – needed? On new site?

  1. Carrie Macfarlane

    Eeks, just realized I should have responded to this, Barbara! We’ve been thinking about creating a list of our “most popular” databases, to help researchers figure out where to start. The list would be accessible as a guide or a simple Drupal page on the new web site. There might be better ways for us to compile this list, but your post made me wonder if ezproxy stats might be a good source of info. I suppose we could come up with this list even without stats, but it seems like you and I should talk, at least.

  2. Terry Simpkins

    This slipped off my radar too, sorry Barbara! Regarding the III record counts: since we’re planning at some point in the not-too-distant future to relaunch an eBook program, I wonder if these will be helpful in managing our batch record loads? It seems to me that these were useful in the past, but I can’t remember the specifics. And whether or not it’s worth continuing recording them if we only make use of them once or twice every few years remains an open question. I’ll query others in Collection Management…

  3. Bill Warren

    Although I have never made use of these statistics, I think the counts of record types and numbers could be useful. I think it would be worth continuing to compile information if it is not too much trouble.


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