LIS Web Team – Meeting Agenda 11/4 and 11/5

LIS Web Team Meeting Agenda 11/4 and 11/5

Who will keep time, drive, take notes?
(update – meeting with sponsor has been changed to 11/5)
Meet with team sponsor – review IA; Q&A; team progress update
Link to IA

Team Charge
To create a brand new LIS web presence that has the following characteristics: is easy to find (things,) is easy to use, is easy to maintain, is user centric, has more self-service functionality.

Team Priorities
Involve end users: develop & test [Beta test 11/09, Public beta test 12/09, Public launch 1/04/10]
Develop LIS staff workflow, content management, protocol procedures & apply to new web presence [Test 11/09, In place 12/09]
Assess/evaluate new LIS web presence ( involve end users) [April 2010 & ongoing]
Develop “site-refresh” strategies [Aug 2010]

Team Vision
We are creating a web site with intuitive navigation, easy access to services and resources, inviting interfaces, and a workflow that allows simple maintenance.

Planning Stages
Define a Compelling Vision What do we want to accomplish? Why? WIIFM (what’s in it for…)
Define measurements/metrics What does success look like? What metric will define our success?
Building Coalition – Creating a Marketing Plan Who do we need to engage early on? We need to engage early for: information and understanding, input, resources (actual and potential)
Action Plan to Achieve Key Deliverables. Tasks to be accomplished? Who is accountable? Delivery Time?

As time allows – or the next meeting…(feel free to edit/add agenda items)
How is it going? (The team has accomplished a lot in a short time, during a time of big changes and reduced staffing resources, and we are currently under a very tight timeline – I’d like to take a few moments of meeting time to check in with each other)
Deliverable for LIS staff workflow, content management, protocol procedures (The LIS Website Primary Contacts wiki page – seems to have most of what we need for the Permissions and Workflow for Content deliverable. Just add to that page, rather than create a new page? And link to some existing content and some of the content that will be created by the CT team – to avoid duplicating content?)
Thanksgiving week meeting schedule? Meet on Wed?
Lab/printer status
Blog stuff
Category – The Essentials – set date to evaluate effectiveness or vote now?
What can tags and categories do to manage subscriptions – theory (future capability) v. current? External and internal audiences?
Blog training and use for LIS staff
Alex’s template; WW template?
Building coalition

Upcoming timeline events:
December 2009
12/09 Deliverable – Develop LIS staff workflow, content management, protocol procedures & apply to new web presence
12/15 Public beta test – beta launch
12/15 Deadline for adding content to new LIS website – freeze date for MCMS content

2 thoughts on “LIS Web Team – Meeting Agenda 11/4 and 11/5

  1. Jess Isler

    Re: Thanksgiving week. It’s fine with me if you want to meet that week. I’ll be out all Thanksgiving week and into the next as well (11/23-12/1) and I’ll be computer-free during that time. I’ll be back in the office Wednesday, 12/2.

    I’m curious about what you mean by theory (future capability) v. current for subscriptions? Is there something you want tag and category subscriptions to do that they don’t do currently? Just wondering, thanks!

  2. Alex Chapin

    I just published a post on this blog with a ShadowBox theme introductory screencast. (this is the theme that is being used on this blog).

    Later this week, I’ll be attending a meeting with White Whale and others to discuss blog templates. It should be possible to implement whatever design White Whale comes up using the ShadowBox theme framework. That way it would be possible to use a WW design while also offering the flexibility of the ShadowBox theme.


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