ShadowBox Theme Introductory Screencast

I made a ShadowBox theme introductory screencast during a presentation of the theme to Academic Consulting Services.  This screencast describes some of the WordPress UI challenges I was trying to solve with this theme.  The first was finding a consistent way to display the log in link and information about a given user’s role on a blog.  I also wanted to create a UI for setting theme colors and layout and other options.  Finally I wanted to more consistently map some of the blog editing UI onto the blog itself so people could more easily add new posts or edit existing posts.

(click on the fullscreen button to view video in full screen mode)

Am working on a new release of ShadowBox that includes the display of category and tag RSS links, custom author pages and more header options.  For more information, see ShadowBox Changelog.  Contact me know if you would like to see a preview of this new version.

2 thoughts on “ShadowBox Theme Introductory Screencast

  1. Arabella

    Alex – in many parts of your screencast, you feature the “Teaching with Technology” blog, at which you’re demonstrating some of the features of the shadowbox. In some of the screen shots, I see a post there referring to Kyoko Davis’s experiences that I would like to read (I audited her Japanese classes for two years a while back), but I’m unable to find that blog in any of the blogrolls, including the “Middlebury blogosphere,” at least under that name. Can you provide a link to that blog, please?

    Very helpful, btw!


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