Cell phone room?

Submitted by Carrie Macfarlane

We received a request for a “cell phone room” in the Main Library.  We’ve posted a preliminary response here:  LIS Suggestions – Cell Phone Room.  Do you think that we should provide a soundproof space for impromptu phone conversations? If so, what should it look like and where should it be?  We’ll admit that the idea of a bright red phone booth occurred to us.   What do you think?   Should we set aside an existing group study?  Is there another (inexpensive) solution?

Or, is this something that falls outside of our responsibilities?

Please discuss!

7 thoughts on “Cell phone room?

  1. Phil Gullion

    Hmmm.. how about little old fashioned red phonebooths in several parts of the library?
    Most likely, though, people will just use their phones wherever a call comes through…

  2. Brenda

    I am not in favor of using a group study – waste of good space we don’t have enough of and doubtful they’d use it much. No reason they can’t tell the person they’ll call them back and go to the outer lobby or outside to call back or send a text msg. Although the red phone booths would be humorous – any available on ebay?

  3. Carol

    Although it’s a campy and could be a cute idea, I can’t see spending money in this financial down time on a phone booth. I agree with Mary Ellen, that our space in this library could be much better utilized for student group/study/practice needs.

  4. Marlena

    There are now two cell phone booths at the Davis Library. One is in place on the Upper level a bit to the north of the restrooms. Second will be placed on the Lower level, the exact location to be determined. Reach out and call someone!

  5. Nate Burt

    Great idea! And they are wonderful inside, though do not as much privacy as one might expect considering the acoustics inside.

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