Print Management: Coming soon!

A group of folks from LIS and the rest of the College have been meeting to develop a plan for rolling out print management to campus this Spring. The system, which uses PaperCut to manage print jobs, initially will require people wanting to print to release their print jobs via a control panel. In the Fall we intend to begin issuing print quotas. After a quota has been reached, the person would need to pay for their print outs using a credit card. As the project moves forward, we’ll post more information.

This week we’ll be running a test print release station at circulation in the main library; come by and try it out!

3 thoughts on “Print Management: Coming soon!

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  2. Bryan Carson

    This has been a very long time coming and is a great idea. All the more so on a “green” campus and in a time of budget cutbacks.


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