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Beginning this Spring term the Helpdesk will be testing a new licensing management product called KeyServer. This product allows Middlebury College to provide software licenses for applications in a much more efficient way than we are today.

What is KeyServer?

KeyServer is a tool for managing software licenses over the network.

Why is it being implemented at Middlebury College?

KeyServer will help us make better informed decisions regarding software license purchasing and allow us to invest in more site/concurrent-use licenses instead of individual licenses. This will give more of our users access to certain software and save the college money by sharing the licenses and purchasing only what is needed to support concurrent users.

Do other colleges and universities use KeyServer?

Yes. Some of the organizations using KeyServer are:

Brown University

Cornell University

Dartmouth College

Georgetown University

Harvard University


Princeton University

Stanford University

University of Arizona

University of Massachusetts

University of Vermont

Wellesley College


How are we implementing KeyServer?

We are testing KeyServer on some of the helpdesk computers and a few labs. The next step will be installing KeyServer in Axinn computing labs and the Wilson Media lab. When that pilot program has been running successfully for a semester, we will implement KeyServer in the rest of our computing labs. Finally, all college-owned computers used by faculty and staff will use this product.

How will this project impact faculty, staff and students?

KeyServer installs a program on each individual computer. This product will have very minimal impact on users and the network. We will be providing documentation to assist with the use of KeyServer. People who use software while travelling will be able to access software licenses through KeyServer.

We are currently in the process of completing a FAQ document which addresses questions and concerns. As we move forward, your input into this process will be helpful. Any feedback can be directed to Lisa Terrier at

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