Project Bamboo and Segue

Submitted by Alex Chapin

Sasha Woolson, a faculty member in the Spanish department, and I will be participating in workshop 2 of Project Bamboo, a multi-institutional, interdisciplinary initiative to define technology services needed to do research in arts and humanities. Faculty, librarians, computer scientists and information technologists from over 50 institutions/organizations will be attending. We will certainly talk about Segue as a resource in this area. I contributed to the project’s wiki a page on collaboration.

Adam has been refining the Segue user experience (UX) to make it easier to use and more efficient. Many of these changes are so subtle you might not notice them. For example, Segue now remembers which editing mode you prefer, the last used settings on certain features such as copy/paste and what sites you have visited recently. Special thanks to Brian Carson and Shel Sax for reporting bugs and helping us with these refinements. See the Segue changelog for more information.

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