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Upcoming Displays at the Main Library

Submitted by Joseph Watson

  • In observation of Breast Cancer Awareness month student organizers will display general information and certificates acknowledging donations that are being accepted in the dining halls.
  • The Men’s Advisory Group is presenting a video in the Atrium and elsewhere on campus.
  • The Roosevelt Institution, Middlebury’s non-partisan student-run political think tank, will present a display on McCain and Obama’s policy stances on immigration, foreign policy, the economy, healthcare, education, and the environment. This display will be in place for the full week before the election and will compliment the voter registration display already in place. (See previous LISt entry: http://sites.middlebury.edu/list/2008/09/26/voters-in-the-lobby/
  • And finally, LIS will be hosting the Associated Press’ exhibit “The American President” from Election Day until the Thanksgiving break. Joseph is creating panels for the two presidents who were born in Vermont to augment the AP exhibit since both Arthur and Coolidge are not represented in the touring exhibit. We’ve also received brochures from the State of Vermont historic sites for each Vermont born president. Below, please see the press release prepared for us by Blaire Kloman in our Office of Public Affairs. (It’s so great to work at Middlebury College where one can pass this sort of task off to colleagues with the appropriate expertise!)

Here is an example of the kind of photo that will be on display.

 LOS ANGELES/ July 1960 U.S. Sen. John F. Kennedy, D-Mass., makes his way through a crowd of supporters and journalists as he arrives for the Democratic National Convention. Kennedy turned back challenges by former Illinois Gov. Adlai Stevenson and U.S. Sen. Lyndon B. Johnson, D-Texas, who accepted the vice presidential nomination. (AP)

For more information you can visit http://www.ap.org/americanpresident/#


Media contact: Blair Kloman


Oct. 20, 2008


Middlebury College Library to host Associated Press photo exhibit of American presidents Nov. 4-25

 MIDDLEBURY, Vt. ― “The American President,” an exhibit of more than 80 compelling news photos from the Associated Press (AP) spanning the past 60 years, will be on view at the Middlebury College Library from Tuesday, Nov. 4, to Tuesday, Nov. 25. The display shows American presidents at war and at ease, in victory and in defeat, confronting national crises and facing personal scandals, running for office and leading the country on the world stage.

Amid the extraordinary voter interest in the 2008 race for the White House, the new exhibit helps illustrate one constant in the ever-shifting media landscape. The coverage of the White House by AP reporters and photographers has been the dominant source of presidential news across the United States and around the world.

“We’re especially pleased to host the AP’s American President exhibit at this time, since it coincides with one of the most important national elections in recent memory. These photos of our past presidents capture the human side of those who have served, not just the formal face of the presidency. As with all of our work in the library, we hope the exhibit will encourage not only reflection, but also action,’ said Dean of Library and Information Services Michael Roy.

The exhibit features a number of the AP’s Pulitzer Prize-winning images, including Paul Vathis’ view of John F. Kennedy conferring gravely with his predecessor, Dwight D. Eisenhower, at Camp David after the unsuccessful Bay of Pigs invasion in 1961; Ron Edmonds’ rapid sequence documenting the 1981 assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan; and White House photos taken during Bill Clinton’s 1998 impeachment battle. “The American President” also includes memorable shots from the AP Images photo library, which contains more than 10 million film and digital images, and pictures taken in this year’s run for the White House by Senators Hillary Clinton, John McCain and Barack Obama.

According to exhibit organizers, the college will be hosting the full photo exhibit with the 16 panels as well as a looping video on a monitor. In order to include the two presidents who were born in Vermont, the college library organizers are preparing two additional panels with photos of Calvin Coolidge and Chester A. Arthur to augment the display.

Exhibit hours will coincide with library hours, available online at www.middlebury.edu/academics/lis/about/hours_maps/hours_lib/. For more information, contact Middlebury College Preservation and Processing Manager Joseph Watson at 802-443-5487 or jwatson@middlebury.edu.


— end —


Another LIS Staff Web.2Opportunity on Tuesday

Save the date and time!
Tuesday 10/21 at 6 pm

This will be a repeat of the Web 2.0 Brown Bag Lunch held on October 9th.

Many thanks to Mary Backus, Mike Roy and Bryan Carson for their fun presentations – and thanks to those of you who attended. Congratulations to our winners!
Pij won a coffee mug AND coffee card
Judy, Mack and Alex each won a fun toy
All who attended will be eligible for the grand prize drawing at the last session in December.

Don’t miss out!
Here is your chance to attend the repeat session!

When: Tuesday 10/21 at 6 pm
Where: Lib 105
What: 2nd in a series of 5 fall semester Brown Bag mealtime sessions to discover and share new web tools in a fun environment. Mike Roy, Mary Backus and Bryan Carson will share Delicious, GoodReads, Jott, Chacha and RTM – Remember the Milk. Each presentation will last for about 10 minutes, with plenty of time for others to share during the last 20 – 30 minutes.
Why: Get together with your coworkers across LIS to get a taste of some fun web tools!
How long: 1 hour max; 3 presentations – 10 minutes each; there will be time for sharing and learning after the scheduled topics.
Bring your own bag meal (sorry – no free dinner!)
But…there will be a prize drawing! And…everyone who attends any of the 5 sessions will be eligible for the grand prize drawing in December. You could be the winner of a coffee mug/coffee card and maybe even a new fun toy! Attend every session and increase your chance to win the grand prize!

Please come – and join your LIS co-workers for a fun time!

Our volunteer presenters for November:
Jeff – iGoogle
Adam – twitter
Alex: Google Reader
Joe A – Facebook

Interested in presenting? Please contact Elin Waagen or Bryan Carson.

Conference Report – Space 2.0: Small-Scale Library Redesign Projects

Submitted by Brenda Ellis

Space 2.0: Small-Scale Library Redesign Projects
October 3rd Dartmouth Conference, 2008-10-09

Attendees: Brenda Ellis, Carrie Macfarlane (presenter), Brendan Owens (co-presenter), Joy Pile, Jean Simmons, Elin Waagen, Joseph Watson

Carrie & Brendan’s presentation: http://dspace.nitle.org/handle/10090/6141

All other presentations available at : http://www.dartmouth.edu/~biomed/services.htmld/OctCon2008/index.shtml

Elin’s notes are on the circulation blog: http://sites.middlebury.edu/circservices/2008/10/13/darmouth-october-conference-space-20-small-scale-library-redesign-projects/

Informal summary of highlights (combined notes from Jean, Brenda, Joy, Joseph, Carrie) Continue reading

Tech Jargon

Submitted by Terry Simpkins 

Here’s a good column about tech jargon.  While many in our community might be comfortable with a higher level of technology (and therefore jargon) than perhaps Pogue’s NYT readers, he makes some good points that folks who send all-College messages (especially) regarding downtimes, instructional classes, etc. might do well to think about.





Notes from the AD Meeting on October 9, 2008

Budget Education – discussed how the budget lines for LIS are organized, focusing on the IT/Tech side.  The fund structure was created years ago and reflects the divisions of the organization at that time.  We talked about potentially redesigning the accounts to better reflect the new realities of funding programs and services for MIIS, language school 2nd sites, etc.  Software budget is a challenge, as annual licensing costs are increase significantly for enterprise-wide products (such as Banner, Hyperion) and grow in proportion of expenditure relative to specialized software for academic/curricular purposes.

Process for Planning Budget Cuts – Mike wants us to think about how various budget cut proposals would affect us in the short-, medium-, and long-term; what constituencies would be most affected by various cuts; etc.  We’ll want to look at things that are desirable but not necessary, or speed up certain things we’re already thinking about, such as looking at our phone services for students.  It’s probably worth modeling changes in our service hours.

Area Goals due by mid-November.  Will share with Faculty LIS Advisory Committee (FLAC) – posted on wiki https://mediawiki.middlebury.edu/wiki/LIS/LIS_Goals_2008-09

Brainstorm how to get more of LIS to engage in discussions surrounding re-org – Mike will send out update via LISt on new proposals that have appeared on the blog.  How can we lower the barriers to getting more staff comfortable using the Restructuring blog?  We will ask for volunteers from each area to help folks get comfortable reading and posting to the Restructuring blog and send out email/LISt post.

LIS Suggestion Box – creating a physical suggestion space to go along with the online suggestion box; Bryan Carrie and Mike have agreed to respond to all serious questions/suggestions; also encourage LIS folks who hear suggestions to post them either online or in the physical space

Manager’s Meeting De-Brief – finding common topics for such a large group is difficult; hard to get to the heart of the topic within such a limited time frame; picking some tangible and specific topics might help focus conversation; the group may value the meeting as a way to interact more with Mike, and genuine expressions of interest or questions from Mike might be well-received

50,000 digitized maps available

Submitted by Hans Raum

Government Information Resources

More than 50,000 historical digitized maps are now available online at http://infoweb.newsbank.com/?db=SSMAP.  The original maps are part of the U. S. Congressional Serial Set and they include a broad range of themes and cover from the early 1800’s to about the 1950’s.  Early maps were created by expeditions that surveyed the American west, Alaska, and other parts of the world, as well as early surveys of cities, harbors and other geographic features for most of the country.  Among the maps of local interest are a 1904 soil survey of Addison County and maps of Silver Lake, Lake Dunmore, and Otter Creek.  Other maps provide detail of specific battles in the Civil War and some early city plans.  Although the maps may be of greatest interest to geography majors, they may also be useful in supporting student research in geology, American history, and ethnic studies, among other disciplines. 

October is Cyber-Security Awareness Month: from acronyms to buzzwords

Submitted by Nate Burt/Amy Hoffman

In the technology world we are typically barraged with acronyms full of useful meaning to we geeks.  Lately, though, we’ve had numerous buzzwords sent our way that we’ve been eager to share with anyone willing to listen.  Many of these buzzwords relate to what “evil-doers” in the computing space are doing with computers. 

It has only been a few years since we spoke of computer viruses and trojans with a mixture of amusement at some of the harmless ones, to fear or anger of those that deleted entire hard drives on the nth day of the nth month.  The landscape has shifted, though, as big money now drives the theft of your computer’s power, information, and/or your pocketbook.

Enter spam, phishing, rootkits, spyware, malware, grayware, adware, backscatter, and more.  Some are infestations, while others are the result.  Most are intended to trick folks out of their money.

Some bits of software code silently observe your computer usage, while others pop up ads, and many more prompt you to send sensitive information, and the like. 

There has been a recent surge in notices that pop up in your web browser or as an alert to the operating system informing you of serious threats to the information on your computer – and urging you to take immediate action.  This relatively new group of applications takes on a name quite appropriate for the season – SCAREWARE! 

Many computers have been infested with “Antivirus 2009” and other relatives, many of which originate from web sources including infected video on social networking sites.  Microsoft and others are hoping to put the scare back into the “evil-doers” in this Halloween season, though, through legal action.  Boo! 


for more on Cyber-Security Awareness Month:



for more on “scareware” and pending legal action: