News From CTLR

During the past summer, the Center for Teaching, Learning & Research (CTLR) did not have undergraduates flowing into as during the rest of the year, but the relative quiet on the main floor of the east end of the Davis Library was deceiving. In other ways, the CTLR hummed with activity. The employment of 136 summer undergraduate research assistants was set in motion and overseen by Lisa Gates and Colleen Norden. The Digital Liberal Arts (DLA) team and the Digital Media Tutors from the Wilson Lab worked on various projects.  CTLR staff prepared for the incoming group of new students and new faculty.  And faculty development was a major focus, including an early July workshop with 19 faculty and staff participants on active learning in STEM with Gordon Uno from the University of the Nebraska.  In late August, roughly 50 faculty and staff gathered at the Mountain Top Inn in Chittenden, Vermont, for the 30th annual Teaching and Writing Retreat. This year’s theme was “Slow Teaching,” a theme that will be developed in CTLR programming across the new academic year.