Nemanja Stojanovic

fullsizerenderIn each issue of this newsletter, we profile one of the many student assistants who help make the Middlebury Libraries run smoothly. This issue of our newsletter features one of our Library Assistants in the Discovery & Access Services area, Nemanja Stojanovic.
Where are you from?

Why did you decide to come to Middlebury?
It’s hard to say what exactly motivated me to choose Middlebury. In all honesty, I ended up applying to Middlebury because it didn’t require any additional supplements on the common app. Even when all the decisions came in, Middlebury wasn’t one of my top choices. However, I was drawn to Middlebury for some reason. It felt right to make my next step in the direction of Middlebury. So, I went with my gut.

What is your major?

What do you enjoy about your major?
In a broad sense, what intrigues me the most is human nature. One can look at this subject from a varied array of lenses. My curiosity tends to take me towards the abstract, where I usually prefer to sit with my thoughts. Meditations of this sort rarely lead me to any answers, if anything I come out of them with more questions than before. Parallel to this, I have Psychology, which in contrast allows me to approach this topic in a more structured fashion; creating a strong foundation that I can slowly build upon.

What do you enjoy about your job in the library?
One of the things I enjoy is the range of responsibilities I have. If I feel like I’m losing focus doing one thing, there is always something else I could do. It kept the 8 hour shifts I had this summer relaxing and interesting. Also, it was a pleasure meeting and working with everyone in my department.

What do you do for fun – hobbies, skills, music, etc.?
I like to spend my free time reading and/or writing.

Do you have a favorite place on campus? Where is it?
I don’t really have a favorite place, but I tend to spend most of my time in Wilson Cafe.

Where is your favorite place to visit when you aren’t at Middlebury?
When I’m back home I take every opportunity I can to take a trip to the countryside where my grandma lives.

What do you hope to do after your career at Middlebury?
My plans are very much up in the air. Right after graduating I would like to travel across the States for a while. My plans after that, range from pursuing a military career to staying on the academic track and pursuing a graduate program.