This Week: Feb 13 – 19, 2012

THURSDAY – THE SOURCE, 8PM Forest West Lounge – WELCOME (BACK)!!! Febs, Freshmen, and Friends (ie. everyone!) are welcome for snacks, games, and chatting as we kickstart another semester. CHALLENGE: Bring 2 people with you (1 of which should either be Feb or Freshman). Go, go, go!

FRIDAY – KRUP INFO MEETING, 3PM – Coltrane Lounge – Gather as a group to prepare for the Spring Break ahead of us. We will go over fundraising and other details for the trip. KEEP ENCOURAGING YOUR FRIENDS TO SIGN UP!!!

FRIDAY – SATURDAY – SPRING PLANNING RETREAT, 5PM Friday Departure and Return by 5PM Saturday: At our only and final Source of J-term we asked to pray for God’s vision for this campus. We will be VISIONING, PLANNING, and TRAINING to fulfill HIS plan for this spring at the home of our faculty advisor (5-7min. from campus). Please contact if you plan to come. We also need drivers.


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