About InterVarsity @ Midd

InterVarsity @ Middlebury (Midd-IV) is a multiethnic community of skeptics, seekers, and followers of Jesus.

Our vision is to see our lives transformed & our friends’ lives transformed by Jesus.

Midd-IV is dedicated to the discovery of the person of Jesus and his radical message of grace, love, and redemption. We seek to follow Jesus and partner with God as he redeems our campus. Our vision is to create an authentic community that continually experiences and invites others to experience whole-life transformation through Jesus.

We hope this site is useful and informative for those interested in learning what InterVarsity at Middlebury is about. Whether you are aprospective student, a first-year or feb, an upperclassman interested in getting involved, or someone who doesn’t identify as Christian but wants to figure out who Jesus is, Intervarsity is here to serve you and this campus.

InterVarsity is a national faith-based campus organization.


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