Large Group: The Source

Midd-IV’s weekly large group gathering: 2012-2013

Thursdays at 8PM in Carr Hall* (small stone building across College Street from Munroe Hall. In the corner between Forest and Battell South.)

*(During J-term, meets @ 9PM)

*Feb 28, 2013 – Alternative location: “The Orchard” lecture room in Hillcrest Environmental Center

What happens at the Source?

The Source is a place to to celebrate and experience God in a welcoming environment. This can include prayer, musical worship, discussion of the Bible, and sharing God’s work in our lives. It’s a place to grow in love for Jesus and for one another. All of this is rooted in a deep desire to see God move redemptively on our campus.

Who is welcome at the Source?

The Source welcomes anyone interested in knowing and experiencing God! If you are new to exploring the faith, you may be interested in a GIG.

Who can I contact for more information? Email us with any questions, for more information, or to meet up with someone to learn more about Midd-IV!


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