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Our Present Project // $20,000 to sustain GHI’s program in one Health Center for an entire year 
Our GROW interns spent this past summer in Rwanda working with GHI to expand their malnutrition program to 1 new Health Center that would accomplish the following objectives:

  • Serve minimum of 120 households/year (~600 individuals)
  • Distribution of 240 chickens (2/household)
  • Construction of 120 Home Gardens (3 seasons worth of seeds/household)
  • 36 Community Cooking Demonstrations
  • 48 Health Center Training Sessions
  • Construction of Health Center Demonstration Garden

This year, our efforts will be focused on sustaining these programs in one of the health centers in which GHI’s program has already been established.

Our Past Project // $5,000 for Innovative Village Information Centers
GlobeMed at Middlebury College spent the past two years working around Tororo, Uganda to increase access to and utilization of Village Information Centers (VICs), a concept developed by A2N-Uganda. Such centers provided vital education on health, market price, and agricultural information to the community thorugh a Local Information Facilitator. Specific health education was focused on HIV/AIDS, sexual health, child health, nutrition, vaccinations, sanitation and hygiene.

In 2009-2010, its founding year, GlobeMed at Middlebury began work on this project by supporting five VICs. It installed solar panel systems at two remote centers located in trading hubs where the community gathers at night. Electricity made the centers the focal point of the village, allowing access to information during the evening when the majority of the population gathered there.

This past year, we scaled our project, expanding our efforts to 11 other centers in the region. In its second year, GlobeMed at Middlebury College reached its goal of raising $5,000 to improve utilization of and access to new and existing village information centers in the communities surrounding Tororo. These village information centers provide information from NGOs to the local people to encourage best practices in agriculture, sanitation, and health.

Specific improvements include:
•solar panels to provide electricity.
•cell phone charges as an external source of income.
•bicycles for A2N staff transportation.

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