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Our Partner // Gardens for Health International

Gardens for Health International (GHI) works in Rwanda to provide lasting agricultural solutions to the problem of chronic childhood malnutrition. We do this by partnering with local health centers and the Rwandan Ministry of Health to provide targeted agricultural support and peer-to-peer health and nutrition education to families struggling with malnutrition. 

At GHI, we believe that we must meet the world’s food needs through an approach that is environmentally responsible, recognizes the primacy of agriculture for nutrition and health, and strengthens local communities and economies. Our work seeks to shift the paradigm of dependency to one of prevention and self-sufficiency by moving away from short-term handouts and equipping families to grow their own nutritious food.
By addressing the root causes of malnutrition and investing in the productivity of patients and their families, GHI’s work lies at the nexus of health and agriculture and provides a compelling model for lasting, sustained improvements in the health of families previously trapped in the vicious cycle of malnutrition and disease.
We believe that malnutrition need not be a chronic condition

Want to learn more? Visit GHI’s web site here.

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