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Tuesday, January 7

Course introduction.  We will discuss how our project fits into plans for the College’s new Field House, currently under construction.  We will begin working with basic archival resources, including Digital Collections and the Kaleidescope.  We will review the work completed by last year’s students and examine the site plans for the museum space.  We will also begin our orientation to WordPress, Photoshop, and iMovie.  Each student will also sign up for a Tiki-Toki timeline account.

Wednesday, January 8

Please be prepared to discuss the following:

Jennifer Evans, “What is Public History?” Public History Resource Center (http://www.publichistory.org), September 2000.

David Stameshkin, “Athletics,” The Strength of the Hills (1996), 270-293.

Please also review the timeline of Middlebury athletics.  What is missing?  How can we improve it?

Explore the following digital history projects:

What do these sites do well?  Based on your perusal of these sites, what features would you like to incorporate into our project?

Preview the list of possible research topics.  Which ones interest you?  Do some preliminary research on one of the topics in Middlebury’s Digital Collections.

Friday, January 10

Please be prepared to discuss the following:

James L. Shulman and William G. Bowen, “The Institutionalization and Regulation of College Sports in Historical Perspective,” in The Game of Life: College Sports and Educational Values (2001), 1-28.

Conduct primary research and be prepared to contribute a new primary document to the archive today.  We will practice scanning and uploading files.  Also be prepared to add one event to the group timeline.

Please also complete sections 1-9 of WordPress Essential Training at lynda.com.  We will spend some time in Special Collections exploring resources there.

Powerpoint for Friday

Tuesday, January 14

Be prepared to discuss the following:

Richard O. Davies, “The Formative Years of College Football,“An Evil To Be Endured: Sports on Campus, 1920-50,” and “College Sport in the Modern Era,” in Davies, Sports in American Life: A History (2007), 62-82, 134-160, 252-282.

Primary research in Special Collections.

Please review Photoshop CS6 One-on-One: Fundamentals at lynda.com.

Wednesday, January 15

Be prepared to discuss the following:

Women’s Sports Foundation, “History of Title IX“.

Nancy Hogshead-Makar and Andrew Zimbalist, “Women’s Sports before Title IX,” Equal Play: Title IX and Social Change (2007).

“Title IX at 30,” “A Trainwreck Called Title IX,” “In the Spirit of Title IX,” “Title IX – The Good News, the Bad News,” in Women and Sports in the United States: A Documentary Reader, Jean O’Reilly and Susan K. Cahn, ed. (2007), 337-356.

We will also conduct primary research on assigned research topics.  Please also watch iMovie ’11 Essential Training at lynda.com if you intend to create a short documentary as part of your project.

Friday, January 17

Continue primary research.

Tuesday, January 21

Continue primary research.

Wednesday, January 22

Technology workshop:  WordPress, Photoshop, and iMovie.  Continuing primary research.

Friday, January 24

Continuing primary research.  Check-in with the design team at Sasaki Associates.

Tuesday, January 28

Exhibit construction.

Wednesday, January 29

Exhibit construction.

January 31

Final presentations.  Portfolios due.



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