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According to the Middlebury College yearbook in 1900,

Track and field sports have always held a place among Middlebury’s athletics.  This was the usual method of proving class superiority in the earlier days.  But . . . there was no organization.  Not until ’84 do we find any record of an annual field-day.  College records were established and broken during the next few years, but not until ’90 do we find any real display of interest along this branch of athletics.  Then Professor Howard offered a prize of $5.00 for every New England Intercollegiate record broken, and suitable prizes for the breakers of Middlebury records. . . A pleasing feature of the field-day meets was the college supper which always followed. 1

The following documents, drawn from late-nineteenth-century College yearbooks, reflect the importance of track and field events at Middlebury prior to 1900.


1. The Laurea [Middlebury College yearbook], 1900, p. 158.

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