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1. Participation:
Class participation is vital in a small, collaborative course such as this. All course members should be prepared to contribute actively at every class meeting. Since this is winter term and we have a limited number of class meetings, students are expected to have perfect attendance.

2. Written responses to questions on assigned readings:
Each student will maintain an electronic journal containing notes, selected passages, and responses to assigned readings. Students will also include a log of their online tutorial sessions at lynda.com, including any questions they might have about each of the software programs (WordPress, Photoshop, iMovie).

3. Collaborative research and exhibit preparation:
This is the main substance of our work during winter term. Each student will complete clearly defined research, writing, and technical tasks related to the preparation of a collaborative exhibit, consisting of artifacts, photographs, manuscripts, and published accounts. Each student will keep a portfolio detailing his or her contributions to the collaborative project. Students will also independently author at least four interpretive sections (2-3 pages each, double-spaced) for the collaborative exhibit. The text of these interpretive sections should be kept in students’ portfolios together with journal entries and should be submitted on Friday, February 1.

4. iMovie project related to your group presentation topic.  Students will work in pairs to author a short documentary (3-4 minutes) using iMovie on some aspect of their group presentation topic.  Please see this simple rubric for a sense of what is expected.  In planning your documentary, please also use this storyboard template.

5. Self-directed Research in the Davis Family Library, Special Collections, at the Ilsley Public Library, and at the Athletic Complex.
In addition to in-class research time, you are expected to continue your research tasks outside of class hours.

6. Technological learning:
Students come to the course with varying degrees of proficiency with WordPress, Photoshop, and iMovie. A large part of what we will learn in this course is how to use a range of educational technologies to preserve and exhibit the history of athletics at the College. As part of this process, students will be required to complete parts of the following online tutorials at the lynda.com website (go/lynda on campus; go.middlebury.edu/lynda off campus), as indicated on the course schedule:

WordPress Essential Training

Photoshop CS6 One-on-One: Fundamentals

 iMovie ’11 Essential Training

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